The Shop Assistants Return To Their Posts

The Scottish twee band the Shop Assistants are one of those bands that have been semi-lost to time, and the Internet hasn’t been much help; their semi-official Web site has a Comic Sans header and links to a dead board and a (gasp!) negative NME review of their career retrospective. Perhaps that will change now that the British reissue outfit Cherry Red is putting out a new edition of Will Anything Happen, which collects the shambolic, sweet tracks that the band put out on the Chrysalis Records offshoot Blue Guitar. “I Don’t Wanna Be Friends With You,” which pretty much sums up its overall thesis in its title, is above, and will be on the reissue; tracks not included on the reissue are actually available on the aforementioned site’s audio page, although be warned: They’re in RealAudio format. Backwards compatibility ahoy! [Indie MP3 / via offnotesnotes / YouTube via No Rock And Roll Fun]