Is Jimmy Page Planning To Replace Robert Plant With The Guy Who Replaced Scott Stapp?

According to Dee Snider, yes! Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham are itching to rake in oodles of cash play the music of Led Zeppelin all around the world, even though lead singer Robert Plant has decided that he’s all about things like “bluegrass” and “taking two years off” these days. So they’re going to do something drastic–something that will definitely divide fans of the band in two even more than Coverdale/Page did. They’re going to get the guy from Alter Bridge–you know, the band that Creed eventually became once Scott Stapp sweated his way out of that particular spotlight–to take Plant’s place! Let’s hand it over to the Twisted Sister frontman, who was shooting off his mouth on the Canadian music-video station MuchMoreMusic:

“They’re saying [to Robert], ‘We’re all rehearsed, we’re ready to go, here’s a gazillion dollars on the table,” Snider told MuchMoreMusic. “If you don’t do it, we’re going out with this kid. And he can sing the sh– out of Zeppelin.’ And they’re gonna, like, hope that Robert, at the last minute, will go, ‘OK,’ and step in, before having the lead singer of Alter Bridge out with John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Jason Bonham.”

Hmm, this sounds more like a threat than a viable plan to these ears, but rock and roll can be a vicious business. Anyway, so you can get ready, here is Alter Bridge’s most recent single, which is, coincidentally, promoting Celebrity Rehab 2 on VH1:

When I watched the trailer for Rehab earlier today, I thought this was a more-tolerable single from the new Chris Cornell album. Hey, wait a second. What about Chris? At least it would get him away from Timbaland…

Led Zeppelin Members To Tour With Alter Bridge Singer? [Nightwatchers House Of Rock via antiMUSIC]
Alter Bridge – Watch Over You [YouTube]

  • Anonymous

    Seriously – I know you’re gonna hate me more than you already do when I say this, but Myles Kennedy has the BEST voice in rock music currently.

    Best range, best control, etc, etc.

    He also sang for The Mayfield Four, and he was ALSO the kid that Mark Wahlberg pulled out of the crowd in that movie “Rock Star” …’member that?

  • Maura Johnston

    @owenmeany: Now, how could I hate you?

  • doublewhiskycokenoice

    can’t we just get rod stewart to step in? dude fronted the faces and jeff beck. and isn’t it about time he tackled another genre?

  • Chris N.

    I’m going to pretend I didn’t read this.

  • Thierry

    @doublewhiskycokenoice: “Rod Stewart and From Led Zeppelin play the Great American Songbook”?

  • Pop Cesspool

    They should use the dude from Complete.

  • AquaLung

    This sounds like a great idea! I am also an idiot!

  • JDR

    @owenmeany: I completely agree.

  • Anonymous

    @Chris N.: THANK YOU. No Plant, no Zep. End of story.

  • alec_baldwin

    This has nothing to do with the band. It’s the shmendriks at the label trying to drum up publicity for the tour. There’s just “a communication breakdown. It’s always the same, having a nervous breakdown. Drives me insane.”

  • alec_baldwin

    @Lucas Jensen: Well, you know, “Over the Hills and Far Away.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Chris N. on this one: some things you can’t “unread.” Shocked, BTW, that no one’s dropped Cornell’s name as yet…

  • Anonymous

    Nobody can replace Robert Plant. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see them with this dude.

    The members of Zeppelin should be content with their musical legacy and retire. They will never recapture the magic that made them one of the all time best combos in the history of music.

  • KikoJones

    Myles Kennedy IS a great singer, but please: as someone stated above “no Plant, no Zep. End of story.”


    re: Cornell
    At least it would get him away from Timbaland…”

    SO true. Ha!

  • Lucas Jensen

    @cosmiclove: It took ten comments to get to “Communication Breakdown”. For shame, Idolator readers!

  • Kodiak


  • MrStarhead

    If they’re gonna get Cornell, they might as well get Dave Grohl to fulfill his life’s dream and play drums. Then it could be a Zep / grunge supergroup. Flannel Zeppelin?

  • Kodiak

    Flannel Zeppelin! LOL :)

  • Rick Roux

    Hey! Thanks for the info! ;)