The Priests Have Mercy On Your Soul

Oct 10th, 2008 // 2 Comments

It would seem somewhat au courant for Sony BMG to begin flogging music by The Priests, a group of singing clergymen, at the current cultural moment, what with lots of people too freaked out to do anything but say “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” over and over. And as the press release says, “Record labels, whose business sensibilities are legendary, have long known that traditional music, be it sacred or secular, is a big seller.” (Tough times call for brutal honesty, I guess.) This clip is currently rising on YouTube’s charts, but not everyone is soothed by the harmonies put forth by these singing men of the cloth–take it away, commenter 39ALLAKAD70: “To say you have to drop dead to go to meet your maker is total and utter stupidity and you know it, stop being stupid, you are already in heaven at the bottom, when you drop dead you are dropping out of heaven.” Although he left a similar comment on a clip of a Rey Mysterio-Kane match from earlier this year, so perhaps he’s just generally bothered? [YouTube]

  1. Cos

    The Priests sounds like the name of a ’78 punk. I’m surprised it wasn’t taken.

  2. bcapirigi

    it was taken by a garage band from upstate new york in 2000 or so. their self-titled album’s pretty good, actually, although i don’t know if they did anything after that.

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