Britney Spears Is Gonna Make You Sweat

Oct 10th, 2008 // 20 Comments

As if to say “It’s Britney, bitch” in a voice so loud and booming, it would shake the world to its core, Britney Spears’ video for “Womanizer” opens with a shot of her naked in a sauna, her arms and legs strategically folded up so as to ensure compliance with prime-time broadcast standards. From there, we’re treated to a series of scenes where Brit Brit plays dress-up–including one of her driving a car with a platform shoe that I suspect will inspire at least four unfortunate copycat incidents–that are, I suspect, designed to remind everyone of the “Toxic” video, and not of the incidents that have occurred in the interim since. (We’ll leave that for the prime-time “What the hell was I thinking?” fest, right?) [MTV via Buzzworthy]


  1. Tauwan

    Thanks Maura.


    An overzealous Britney Spears fan on the West Coast.

    Now get out there and enjoy your Friday Night!

  2. propaganda-artist

    I thought it was pretty kick ass. Not going to lie.

  3. Kodiak

    Nice song, GORGEOUS woman!! Love Britney!!

  4. Anonymous

    video started to lose me when she jumps in the back seat of the car but then a few seconds later she looks into the camera and says something about ‘i got your crazy!’ haha

    totally digging the video…song’s good enough

  5. KurticusMaximus

    Probably thanks to my disappointment in Kanye’s “American Psycho-inspired” video, all I could think of here was how much better this video would have been if it were the one based on that movie instead. Could have been great.

  6. ITMS

    I love how this video took the aesthetic and sexual energy of “Toxic” and “Slave 4 U” to hysterical new levels. I’m probably not as impressed as the rest of the world is going to be, but I can at least (shamefully?) agree that Britney’s back.

  7. Ahh! Jim lad!

    @KurticusMaximus: Damn son, that’d have been awesome. It sort of has that American Psycho feel with all the sterile, yuppie office scenes — but without Britney ending up eating out of an ice cream jar that had just previously been sitting in a fridge next to a chilled head, it does fall up a little short.

  8. Anonymous

    Question how come in every song she sings, her voice has to be sooooooo digitally processed to oblivion. It sounds like an android is singing. Another question why does she have to use her body to sell whatever song that she is selling.

    Question why cant she just sing un-digitally enhanced and with absolutely with no sexuality in her videos. The lyrics sound like they are being created by a cut and paste machine. What does this song lyrically mean????This song if you want to call it that and video are retreads from every song (I use that term loosely again) and video that she has ever done.

    Does she have any original bones in her body. I think that she should just cut to the chase and perform completely naked with a pole in the middle of the stage and in between songs SERVICE willing fans.

  9. Thierry

    Britney hasn’t seemed this alert in ages – she’s doing proper steps, hitting marks, her face is no longer expressionless, etc. To be honest, though, I think the video’s far better than the song…

  10. Chris N.

    It’s fun to lust after her again. It’s been a long time since I could do that.

  11. AL

    @Chris N.: doesn’t it feel kind of gross now though?

  12. Thierry

    @AL: Before, she was underage, damaged, or insane. So it’s always felt kinda gross.

  13. Chris N.

    There was a brief moment there (around 2003, the “Toxic” era) when she was over 21, apparently sane and had not yet gotten mixed up with Kevin Federline. Before that I couldn’t desire her without guilt, and after that I just didn’t desire her.

    I just hope she keeps it together, especially since her fortunes seem to uncannily mirror those of the nation as a whole. If Obama wins, I think she’s home free.

  14. westartedthis

    @KristaJulieva: re: the disconnect between lyrics/video – my take on that is that britney is, in all her various disguises, the same woman he left that morning. and each time she “catches” him pursuing another woman, so he gets beat down.

    or it’s just britney appealing to americans’ puritanical guilt when it comes to sex – “you want me? you want me? WELL YOU’RE SICK AND DIRTY AND WRONG! GOTCHA!” – always a safe bet.

    personally, i like the video (there’s not a whole lot to dislike, is there?), but the song seems a little too cut from the same cloth as “i kissed a girl.” i know it’s a hugely popular song and it’s going to have imitators, but britney spears riding the coattails of katy perry is some sort of cultural wormhole threatening to crush us all under jet engines, donnie darko style.

    on the bright side, the lack of porn starlet moans running throughout is kind of a welcome change for her, isn’t it?

  15. NotPop

    vid no worky in UK


  16. ObtuseIntolerant

    I will never love her “voice” or type of music, really, but I appreciate it. And the video is hot…pretty boiled down to the simple basics of what it’s about and that is fairly awesome. Kudos!

  17. The Mozfather

    I can only hope that this video heralds some newfound quasi-feminist impulse in Ms Spears.

  18. chartreuse

    video is sooo much better than the song.

  19. defendme

    Let’s discuss: the nudity. Apparently there was a nude thong on in the shoot which was digitally removed by request of…her father. True story.

  20. Anonymous

    This video is brought to you by our sponsors at Nokia and the kind folks over at the Tyra Banks’ House of Weaves.

    I’m really not digging that faux sexy arch pop in her spine that she keeps doing. It didn’t work in the Toxic video and it didn’t work the 20 times she does it in this video. And to borrow a quote from Antoine Merriweather, “Hated it”.

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