Beyonce Guest Stars In “Law & Order: Adultery Unit”

The video for Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” opens with a black-and-white tableau that’s reminiscent of an early-’90s fragrance ad: Beyonce and her man trade synonyms for intimacy while standing in front of a stark bleached-brick background, then count down to the main event with “you, me, us.” The main plot of the video involves Beyonce as Policewoman, and she happens to have a male partner with whom she shares a somewhat-too-close relationship, which progresses as the video goes along, and seemingly culminates with a conflict regarding a pair of earrings and some inappropriate grinding at a party–until it turns out that the scenario we’ve been watching is actually the gender-flipped version of what’s actually happening, and Beyonce’s man is the philandering cop. It’s all very “deep,” at least as far as portrayals of revenge fantasies every woman who’s ever had to deal with a straying partner go. [WSHH]