Fall Out Boy Delay Album To See If Free Market, iTunes Survive Forthcoming U.S. Presidential Election

Oct 13th, 2008 // 12 Comments

So there was a new Fall Out Boy record that was supposed to come out on the glorious day when American citizens elect their next president, allowing for big time emo commentary on the State Of Our World, Which Is Not Very Good. Something like that. I confess that ever since I quit Idolator-ing full-time I have somewhat lost track of the comings and goings of Maura’s favorite band (Ed. second-favorite band after Nelson and the Instant Composers Pool, thank you) and since the VP debate, I’ve sort of tried to purposefully lose track of what’s going on with the election. Anyway, that Fall Out Boy record is now notcoming out on Election Day because the band has realized it’s a VERY IMPORTANT DAY for a world where bankers are about to start showing up to work in loincloths. Instead the album is coming out… well, the band isn’t quite sure when it’s coming out. But be assured that the delay is due to “reasons that suit [the band's] ideals and are unselfish” and will include an “extensive preorder campaign that will take into account the current state of our economy,” possibly by including canned goods or a recycled mustard bottle full of unleaded with each purchase. The band members would also like you to know that, despite their on-record admissions of being decent-minded liberal humanists, they’re not telling anyone to wear a specific campaign button, okay?

While we have all individually expressed our positions on the candidates that we support we feel that many of the interviews and press for the record have skewed us into a partisan band. While it may be obvious where we stand. We never intended to be the band that shoved our ideas down peoples throats. We only hope people look at the bigger picture and investigate the issues further on their own.

While personally I feel this is a mushy-headed way to look like you’re encouraging active participation while avoiding the hard work of taking a stance–sort of along the lines of that specious McDonald’s “Vote: Any Reason Is A Good Reason” campaign I see on the sides of buses; you sure about that, Mayor McCheese?–fair enough, boys. Unfortunately FOB’s attempt to not draw attention away from the election may have backfired with its underage fans:

i am soooooooooooo dissapointed

probably more thna the rest of u guys because the album was goin to come out on my BIRTHDAY i was soooo exited it was liek fate… but now :(:(

stupid american elections! damn you democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 1:52pm on October 13th, 2008 by bigmac93

Stupid American elections, indeed! Call me when it’s Nov. 5.

An Important Message from Fall Out Boy… [Fall Out Boy official site]

  1. Al Shipley

    If they truly wanted to be humble about this their site’s headline should’ve read “An Unimportant Message from Fall Out Boy…” If this is actually being delayed because of the muted response to the lead single, then FOB truly are more like rap or pop stars than a rock band at this point.

  2. doublewhiskycokenoice

    i didn’t realize there were “of age” fans, white college girls from chicago’s suburbs exempted.

  3. RaptorAvatar

    Be nice! They clearly are taking time to get a new round of press photos where two of the guys are thoughtfully reading The Atlantic and the other two are gesturing as if debating eloquently. Shit is is about to get highbrow, son.

  4. Anonymous

    @Al Shipley: Probably the reason. It’s stalling on the Modern Rock charts and hasn’t even entered CHR/Pop.

  5. doublewhiskycokenoice

    @2ironic4u: i assumed it was because the ghost of elvis costello had some caveat when he said he would do a cameo on their record unless they gave the election its due. i refer to him as the ghost of elvis costello because the real, living, breathing elvis costello would never in a million years have compromised his integrity by appearing on a fall out boy record. same goes for debbie harry. lil wayne, not so much.

  6. doublewhiskycokenoice

    on their record “so long as”, rather. f’d that one up.

  7. Michaelangelo Matos

    would this be the same “real Elvis Costello” who appeared in Spice World, or the one who contributed a song to the soundtrack of Americathon?

  8. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    @Michaelangelo Matos: No, I think its the one who recorded that god awful “She” for the Notting Hill soundtrack.

  9. The Illiterate

    I haven’t heard the “real Elvis Costello” since Blood and Chocolate. Anybody know where he’s been?

  10. Maura Johnston

    new release date — 12/16: [idolator.com]

  11. MrStarhead

    Eh, they just didn’t want to compete with Hinder…

  12. scarletvirtue

    I feel kind of embarrassed that I know this – but I’ve read articles/blog entries where Patrick Stump has pretty much endorsed Obama.

    Not that I needed him – or anyone else – to get me to vote for Obama.

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