Chris Cornell And Verizon Are Going To Make You Scream With Love

Oct 14th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Great news, residents of the West Coast: You have the opportunity to hear Chris Cornell emote his way through his collaboration with Timbaland live! East coast residents–including you, S/FJ–are doubly out of luck, since the duo will be hitting up local Verizon Wireless stores for autograph sessions as well.

It turns out we all thought Cornell’s Scream is lousy because we haven’t heard it in the form it was intended.

“This album, I think, needs to be performed from beginning to end, because on the record, once the music starts, it never stops,” he explained. “So it’s literally a situation where you start playing the record from the first song, and it’s just an hour’s worth of music that keeps going until it’s done, and it’s something that’s difficult to present in this day and age. Everything is sound bites and one song at a time, and people sort of downloading one song at a time, and more than any album I’ve ever made, this is an album that’s really designed to be listened to from beginning to end, in one sitting.

“I think the smartest thing for me to do is go out and perform it that way, so people get it, because people haven’t really understood that yet.”

Sure, that’s the problem. No word, as of yet, on how the Timbaland-assisted autograph sessions fit into the overall “have people understand my weird career turn” plan, but I imagine that’ll be made apparent soon enough.

Of course, as this tour hits my local venue (and Verizon Wireless store), I’ll be on my first vacation in a decade or so. Fates, why do you torture me?

Chris Cornell, Timbaland Announce Dates For West Coast Tour [MTV]

  1. Thierry

    So this means that if go see Chris Cornell, I’m guaranteed an hourlong beer-and-bathroom break?

  2. Maura Johnston

    @Thierry: plus the encore.

  3. Anonymous

    The music actually stops quite a few times, to jump from one style or sound-patch to the next. It’s quite disorienting.

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