Kanye West: Indie Saddo

At the end of my 2007 poll essay, I mentioned that Kanye West was clearly trying to ingratiate himself to the indie audience: fake videos with Will Oldham and Zack Galifinakis, collaborations with Daft Punk, dropping in on upstart indie MCs’ videos. Judging from The Fader Blog’s play-by-play of an L.A. listening party for the forthcoming 808s and Heartbreak (and here I’d so been looking forward to Good-Ass Job, the long-bruited fourth part of West’s educational saga, but whatever), he’s gone all the way in by making a friggin’ Junior Boys album. I’ll reserve judgment on that particular move, but let me just say I sincerely hope it’s a lot more like Last Exit than like So This Is Goodbye. [The Fader]