Dept. Of Things You Never Really Wanted

A 50 Cent “reality” show in which he babbles platitudes from the pretty awful “business” tome The 50 Laws Of Power while lording over 14 aspiring entrepreneurs who are holed up at–I swear I am not making this up–“Camp Curtis,” where the beds are actually tents. Yes, really. The “winner” of this program, which debuts on MTV two days after Election Day, gets $100,000 to do with their choosing, but really, can anyone say they’ve “won” if they’ve had to be subjected to Curtis and semi-coherent “Machiavellian” observations on how to get ahead in life? Ah well, at least one of the benefits of the recession will be a license for more people to look at 50 Cent and his “special” brand of asshole capitalism and roll their eyes. [Nah Right]