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Nokia’s “music bundled into your phone, sort of” initiative Comes With Music has signed a deal with its first carrier, the UK mobile operator Three. This report from The Register also hints that the program’s “unlimited access” to music will actually top out at 120 downloads per year, which comes out to about 2.3 downloads per week. And Nokia hasn’t even started losing money on it yet and panicking! [The Register / Earlier]

  1. DeeW

    Actually the first reviews of the service are generally positive:

    They have a problem with the fact that the music is non-transferrable, of course, cuz that’s just stupid, but overall they still like it.

    You guys should do a review using your UK counterparts. I’d be interested in seeing your take.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @DW: Well, I have no doubt that Nokia’s interface design is clean. But I think the question posed on the linked page still stands:

    “I’m still having a bit of trouble figuring out the target market here. Digital music fans…who want to download a lot of new music without paying for every song and have never heard of free file-sharing…and who want a choice of phone types at different prices (the 5310 has PIM-like capabilities but isn’t a smartphone, while the 5800 is a full smartphone with touch screen and more)…but are Nokia loyalists and don’t intend to play their downloads on any other portable device, ever. How many people fit into all those categories?”

  3. joris_stereo

    according to nokia, over at the guardian, there is no maximum of 120 tracks per year and it is really ‘unlimited downloads’.

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