WMG Had A Great September, But That’s About It

Oct 17th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Coolfer reports today on Warner Music Group’s successful September, during which it pulled ahead of Sony BMG to have the second-highest marketshare of giant music conglomerates. But how long is WMG’s luck likely to last?

While the post is certainly chock full of data, there’s one name that’s suspiciously missing: Metallica. The excessively loud Death Magnetic hit stores on Sept. 10, and it enjoyed sales that would likely tip any label’s numbers. (T.I.’s Paper Trail came out on the last day of the month, although it’s unclear whether or not those first-day sales are included in these numbers.) In contrast, Sony BMG didn’t have much going on besides a disappointing release from Jessica Simpson and the Kings of Leon disc. Still, while September might have been a great month for WMG, whose lineup from now until the end of November would you prefer to present to stockholders?

The Secret Machines
Enya (Christmas)
Mike Jones
Linkin Park (live)

David Cook
David Archuleta
John Legend
Celine Dion (greatest hits)
Brad Paisley

Sony also has the Britney disc on Dec. 2, which based on recent events, might be a decent seller. While one month might have been a bright spot for Edgar and Lyor, it’s a little early to say they’ve turned some sort of corner, success-wise. Unless that Enya disc is a monster.

WMG, Sony BMG Switch Places In September Album Share [Coolfer]


  1. NeverEnough

    Nothing about Levi Stubbs dying yet??!

  2. Maura Johnston

    @NeverEnough: Patience, my child.

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t forget these:

    Bloc Party
    Rachael Yamagata
    Gossip Girl (OST)
    Flaming Lips (X-mas)

    Sara Bareilles (Live)
    Celine Dion (G. Hits)
    Harry Connick Jr. (X-mas)

    …not to mention a SHIT-TON of re-releases/greatest hits through Columbia Legacy

  4. Anonymous

    @owenmeany: I don’t think Bloc Party, Lights and a Flaming Lips holiday album are going to set the world on fire.

  5. Dan Gibson

    @owenmeany: The company might collapse upon that Bareilles live album, as might our society as a whole.

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