Oct 17th, 2008 // 1 Comment

Attention music bloggers who are agitated that your ISP keeps taking down posts with MP3 links: Tucked in the comments of this post is a clear explanation behind Blogger’s rationale for removing content that may be a little bit infringey under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and even notes that users can go through a process to counterclaim, say what they’re doing is legit, etc. (I really hope the proprietor of one of the biggest leak blogs out there gets wind of this explanation, if only because it may ease her sense of paranoia just a little bit.) [No Trivia]


  1. DocStrange

    ah, so that’s why my link to a song by ¡Forward, Russia! that was made available for FREE from their website (and the band owns the label they’re on anyways) had suddenly disappeared and why elbo.ws has suddenly gotten quiet.

    They’re really trying to make me buy an album to see that it sucks. And there was also a bill kicking around somewhere to severely limit used CD sales so even if it sucks, you can’t resell it. But I don’t think it passed.

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