Are These “Chinese Democracy” TV Ads For Real?

Blabbermouth has posted 16 15-second clips that are allegedly ads for Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy, which, if reports are to be believed, goes on sale at your local Best Buy sometime around Thanksgiving. The clips, all of which were uploaded earlier today, all have vaguely “revolutionary” rhetoric, a shot of that bicycle cover that’s been floating around the Best Buy site, and a production aesthetic that brings to mind a late-night session with some cough syrup and a trial copy of Adobe AfterEffects. I’d think any ad campaign approved by W. Axl Rose would be at least a little more grandiose and over-the-top, but maybe in his advancing age, he figures that 16 versions of the same ad possess just enough prog-rock excess to get peoples’ attention. [YouTube via Blabbermouth]