Manda Rin Works Hard Every Day

Oct 20th, 2008 // 2 Comments

We’ve never needed Bis’ particular mix of cartoonish electropunk and political commentary more than we do now. That would seem to make the time right for the solo debut of former Bis vocalist Manda Rin–but “DNA” is disappointing. Sure, it’s fine enough for what it is, but compared with Bis, it’s weirdly anonymous and sedate. Of course, compared with Bis, everything is sedate. [YouTube]


  1. bcapirigi

    I really love it. It’s (shameless plug) the current #1 on my top 40 radio show.

    I think I love it because it sounds exactly like I wanted Hard Candy to.

  2. DocStrange

    Bis were great for a while (“This is Fake DIY” especially), but they got really, really boring really, really fast (with the exception of “Eurodisco” and “Detour”).

    This is pretty good, tho. Not great, but good.

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