They’re Nihilists… Beautiful Nihilists… And Now They’re In Space

Oct 21st, 2008 // 7 Comments

t.A.T.u.’s new album was originally called Waste Management, but that was apparently too nihlistic for the pseudo-lesbo-duo’s label, as its title was then changed to the more cheery Happy Smiles. Which I guess is supposed to be ironic, what with the “fuck everything but t.A.T.u.” attitude of their fanbase, unless it’s merely a sign that motherhood has changed the girls for the better. I’d think that Naked, Knocked Up, And Facing A Firing Squad would have been an even better title, but I guess that sort of brutal honesty wouldn’t fly at whatever the Russian equivalent of Wal-Mart is.


  1. Nunya B

    That was a parody cover….

  2. Nunya B

    As in, they’re not changing it actually.

  3. Lucas Jensen

    That sucks.

  4. Maura Johnston

    @Nunya B: it’s on their web site with a black box over the face.

  5. Nunya B

    @Maura Johnston: Good God, seriously?

    I liked the original “Waste Management” cover so much more.

  6. Nunya B

    @Maura Johnston: Oh, someone on the Popjustice forums says that it’s a slipcase covering up the real album art.

  7. Maura Johnston

    @Nunya B: So wait, is it the cover or is it not? This was the one I saw up a bunch of places. There was another one with a helmet on the head of the astronaut, and the aforementioned deluxe-edition box.

    I’m so confused!!

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