The No. 1 album on iTunes right now–ahead of High School Musical 3, pre-orders for the David Cook album, and last week’s Billboard 200 chart-topper Paper Trail–is Adele’s 19, which no doubt got a boost after the British chanteuse was on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, the show’s highest-rated episode in 14 years thanks to cameos by Sarah Palin and Mark Wahlberg. Hey, maybe as a thank you, Adele will let Palin use one of her songs on the campaign trail! OK probably not. [iTunes]

  • Al Shipley

    I kind of hate whoever is doing the music bookings for SNL now, aside from Lil Wayne this whole season it’s been U.K. acts (or American bands more popular in the U.K. than here) that just force me to channel surf.

  • moomintroll

    @Al Shipley: I sort of agree, it’s been a who’s who of post Amy Winehouse acts what with Duffy and Adele.

  • MrStarhead

    Although man, that girl can sing. I didn’t love the songs, but I really respected her vocal talents. Far better than Duffy.