Playing Three Instruments At Once Is Totally Metal (Even If One Of Them Is A Kazoo)

Today’s TRL ushered in the show’s death throes, which they’re referring to as its “Final Countdown” before its last broadcast on Nov. 16–only as outgoing VJ Damian Fahey noted, MTV’s top brass hadn’t thought to use the Europe song of the same name in said promos. Well, perhaps there’s still time, in these last 11 episodes of the program, to use the above clip, in which the song is palyed on an instrumental hybrid known as a “KazooKeylele” (caps not mine), to score the show’s sad, yet inevitable, denoument. Its ramshackle aesthetics and devotion to using any possible body part for the purposes of metal would be an ideal way to close out MTV’s era of user-generated music-video content, don’t you think? [Metal Injection / HT Robert P.]