Great Moments In Booking

Oct 22nd, 2008 // 9 Comments

Scott Walker won’t be singing his songs next month at Drifting And Tilting: The Songs Of Scott Walker in London, but the people he got to fill in for him aren’t all that bad–Jarvis Cocker and Damon Albarn are headlining the list, with more special guests to be announced. [Guardian]

  1. moomintroll

    this is stressful. It’s almost to the point of wanting to fly to England. All I can hope for is a large selection of youtube videos, I’m counting on you Londoners.

  2. Tiny Banquet Committee

    Moom, I was *totally* to the point of wanting to fly over for these performances when they were announced, and I bought tickets. Now something’s come up at work and I can’t go, so if the stress wears you down please buy my tickets! I have 2 tickets in the stalls for the 15th I need to sell.

  3. moomintroll

    @Tiny Banquet Committee: oh, I wish I could afford a transatlantic trip! Maybe you should commission two people in London to go and make a *really* good video of it for those of us stuck in the US.

  4. Poubelle

    @moomintroll: This is a really brilliant idea.

    Dammit. I think I live in the wrong country sometimes.

  5. moomintroll

    @Poubelle: Yeah I moved here from there…sometimes that makes me sad.

  6. Tiny Banquet Committee

    Hm, I am not sure my seats are good enough for someone to make a really great video from, but then again I’ve never been to the Barbican . . .

  7. Anonymous

    I so wish I could be there!!!!!!

  8. Thierry

    Jarvis singing Scott is enough to make me wish I were in London…

  9. Nicolars

    The thought of Albarn singing Scott’s songs makes me feel as depressed and ill as McCain ending up in the White House.

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