Well-coiffed Floridian pop outfit We The Kings–who, I should note, had a crowd eating out of their collective hands when I saw them play with Cobra Starship a few months back–have re-recorded their minor hit “Check Yes Juliet (Run Baby Run)” and given it lyrics about the Rays, just in time for their first trip to the World Series. So much better than Los Lonely Boys, but you probably figured that. [93.3 FLZ]

  • Anonymous

    That song is the only slightly-memorable one on their album.

  • Maura Johnston

    @2ironic4u: But they have FANTASTIC hair.

  • AL

    i was hoping for a lyric about rocco baldelli’s muscle fatigue disorder

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care, i care, I really don’t care did you see the drummer’s hair?

  • Anonymous


  • LeighBlack

    I am still convinced that Travis (the lead singer) is Dave Pirner’s secret love child.