“Chinese Democracy”: The All-Caps-Riddled Official Press Release Announcing Its Imminent Arrival

After weeks of speculation, and a Best Buy pre-order page that apparently went live too early, it’s official: Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy will hit the racks of your local Best Buy on Sunday, Nov. 23. The 14-track album will be available on CD ($13.99), vinyl ($19.99), and digital download (via Best Buy’s Rhapsody-assisted store, I assume); the production credits are being given to W. Axl Rose and Caram Costanzo, who’s also been credited on records by Matthew Sweet, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots. Full release, with lots of executives talking in all caps and using words like “historic” and “monumental” a bunch, after the jump.

MINNEAPOLIS, October 22, 2008 – Best Buy and Geffen Records announced that one of the most highly anticipated albums of all time, Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy, will be available beginning Nov. 23 at Best Buy and BestBuy.com on CD, vinyl, and digital downloads. The title track, the first single from the album, was released to radio today, October 22. Chinese Democracy is the first album of new material from one of rock’s most influential bands since the 1991 simultaneous releases of Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II.

“The release of Chinese Democracy marks a historic moment in rock n’ roll,” said co-managers Irving Azoff and Andy Gould. “We’re launching with a monumental campaign developed by Gary Arnold and the Best Buy team that matches the groundbreaking sound of the album itself. Guns N’ Roses fans have every reason to celebrate, for this is only the beginning.”

“Chinese Democracy is one of the most highly anticipated albums in music history, and Best Buy is thrilled to deliver this explosive and previously elusive release to Guns N’ Roses fans. Longtime fans will be rewarded for their patience and loyalty to this great band, while a new generation of fans will be blown away,” said Gary Arnold, Senior Entertainment Officer for Best Buy. “Axl Rose is one of the most dynamic and gifted writers and performers in modern music. Best Buy is excited to work with Axl to make the release of Chinese Democracy THE musical event of 2008!”

“Guns N’ Roses is THE premier American rock band,” commented Steve Berman, President, Sales and Marketing, Interscope Geffen A&M Records. “Partnering with Gary and everyone at Best Buy to release one of rock’s most anticipated and legendary albums is truly a moment in music history. We’re thrilled to be able to announce that Chinese Democracy is coming, it’s coming this year, and it’s coming to Best Buy.”

Produced by Axl Rose and Caram Costanzo, the album, which will be released on Black Frog/Geffen Records, includes 14 tracks. “Shackler’s Revenge” debuted September 14 through the Rock Band 2 videogame and “If The World” can be heard in the film Body Of Lies, which premiered on October 11.

Chinese Democracy is being released in three formats: CD, Vinyl LP (with a free digital download of the tracks), and as a digital album. Pre-orders at www.BestBuy.com/chinesedemocracy begin today.

Guns N’ Roses Management Officially Announce “Chinese Democracy” Release, Formats [RS]

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  • Scratcher

    I’m all for artists making big money off of corporate partnerships but for the love of Christmas couldn’t Best Buy show a little restraint in the press release. I’m surprised the CEO wasn’t credited for hand claps on track #13.

  • Al Shipley

    Black Frog Records?

  • octobersky is electric barbarella

    It’s NOT GnR anymore, it’s just Axel with a loose band of musicians. No Izzy, no Slash, no GnR.

  • Anonymous

    @octobersky: Thanks for stating the obvious.

  • Anonymous

    “…Guns N’ Roses fans have every reason to celebrate, for this is only the beginning.”

    Are they planning a follow-up already? – release date Nov. 2023

  • Captain Wrong

    Anyone got a date for Detox?

  • How do I say this … THROWDINI!

    I guess this can wait for the chart posts, but what’s the over/under on first week sales? (And how will the Sunday release date impact this?) Can he sell a million out of the gate? I actually think that they can move a million units the first week, just because it seems that most of the GnR fan base would be more likely to buy the album rather than “steal” it online.

    Also, there’s no way the record company can possibily make money off of this, right? It has to be about keeping Axl happy and trying to recover sunk costs.

  • revmatty

    I am impressed that they’re offering free digital download to fans who buy the vinyl. Big respect for that move.

  • Maura Johnston

    @revmatty: That’s become pretty standard, no?

  • Maura Johnston

    @How do I say this … THROWDINI!: As a benchmark, the new AC/DC record is slated to sell 800K in its first week. I wouldn’t be surprised if the curiosity/being prominently displayed during Black Friday week factor helped CD surpass that.

  • doublewhiskycokenoice

    the real questions now are:

    a) will guns n roses tour?

    b) who will they tap to open for them?

  • PengIn

    @doublewhiskycokenoice: The Eagles of Death Metal have and album coming out. It’s a natural fit!

  • How do I say this … THROWDINI!

    @Maura Johnston: Wow, 800k for AC/DC. I gotta think that GnR will blow that away. If only the fans can stand to wait a(nother) month…

  • Audif Jackson Winters III

    I wonder how many copies Best Buy would sell if they positioned it as a loss leader during the post-Thanksgiving shopping weekenend, and priced it at, say, $6.99.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t they move the release date to Tuesday?

  • How do I say this … THROWDINI!

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: They’d get at least one additional sale. I don’t care enough to pay $14, but I’d pay $7.

  • revmatty

    @Maura Johnston: I haven’t bought vinyl in a long time, so I haven’t paid that much attention to it, but now that you mention it I do recall that NIN and Radiohead offered downloads to the vinyl purchasers. Still cool though. At the very least it means that Axl realizes it’s not 1994.

  • CarsmileSteve

    @doublewhiskycokenoice: who will they TÄP to open for them, surely?