In Which I Give You The Power To Plan My Evening

Oct 22nd, 2008 // 12 Comments

It would appear that everyone in the music business has decided to defer to Axl Rose and not make any news today, so I’ve spent the last hour or so trying to figure out who I’m going to see during my own personal CMJ Day One. (See, last night I saw this awesome act called The Insides Of My Eyelids–they performed for 11 1/2 hours straight, and had all these whacked-out conceptual pieces about the protagonist, who looked a lot like me, wearing wide-brimmed ceramic hats while trying not to embarrass herself in front of people she wanted to impress. Fun times!) I’m working off the official schedule, although I’ll probably peruse some no-badge-required listings on the subway downtown. Here are five acts I’m interested in tonight–feel free to add your own recommendations!

Ebony Bones
A UK act whose live show looks pretty good.

I may have to push past all the So You Think You Can Dance fans to get in, though.

Beach House
Old faves. Plus they’re playing late, so it’ll be good for coming down.

My Teenage Stride
They’re playing the Knitting Factory just a little more than a year after they played its basement for us. And Wye Oak is playing tomorrow! Aww, yay.

German disco that I mysteriously acquired sometime before I got kicked off OiNK. The album’s serviceable enough to make them a decent 7 p.m. option.

Also, there’s one band I’m interested in because of the utter awfulness of their name: Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! With a name like that, they’d better be parodying something, right?

Also also, I will be checking the comments on this post via mobile device, so don’t worry about your recommendations getting lost in the shuffle.

Wednesday’s acts []

  1. moomintroll

    You got Beach House already who I love love love.

    The Dears 10pm @ Maxwell’s (I like their Morrissey/vintage Blur sound)

    Fujiya & Miyagi 9pm @ Mercury Lounge…seen them 2 times, they’re great, super chill.

    Chairlift 11pm @ Pianos (that song Planet Health is cool)

    So technically on this plan will be sort of impossible, but honestly out of the gazillion bands playing these are the only ones I’d see.

  2. AL

    Nat Baldwin [] – my fav of 2008 – is playing at the Bell House with Extra Life and Pattern is Movement, but it looks like that showcase is starting right about now. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you can make it.

  3. Christopher R. Weingarten

    stay home

  4. iantenna

    either i’m completely out of touch or there are just too goddamn many bands out there. i think i recognized less than 10%. edan rules though, as does ari up (at least when she was in the slits, who knows what her new shit sounds like).

  5. MayhemintheHood


    Go see Women at The Cake Shop at 11:15 pm. They are a good band. I have no idea where that place is though, or if it’d fit into your schedule.

  6. Thierry

    A couple of recommendations:

    Shad (9pm, Arlene’s Grocery) – Canadian old school-style rapper who actually puts on a really entertaining show.

    Tobias Froberg and Theresa Andersson (8pm and 9pm at the Living Room) – great Swedish indie pop.

    Overall, I’d probably just head to the Stones Throw show at the Gallery Bar.

    Also, Hermit Thrushes is an awesome name – if you remember Canadian indie legends Thrush Hermit – but I have no idea what they sound like.

  7. Anonymous

    I saw WhoMadeWho – they’re from Denmark – a few years ago, playing highly entertaining disco rock. I’ve not heard any new material since. Fujiya & Miyagi I saw last week and they were OK, never quite getting to that lift-off moment you’re looking for with that type of motorik krautrock/pop/disco style of theirs.

  8. Anonymous

    A friend of mine was very enthousiastic about a James Pants show she had caught. Freaky funk pop dude.

  9. Weezy F Baby

    Wallpaper at 205 at 11:30!

    they’re great live..

  10. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Go check out Crystal Castles at Webster Hall tonight. One of their openers, The Lymbec System, is really good.

  11. mike a

    I haven’t see enough of this Insides of My Eyelids act lately. I’ve only seen five- or six-hour performances as they’re constantly being upstaged by support acts Work and My Two Very Young Kids.

  12. what is this really about though?

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