Maroon 5 Runs Out Of Ink

Oct 23rd, 2008 // 14 Comments

The floating heads of Maroon 5 are clearly going for some sort of beamed-in look here, like they’re trying to simulate the electronica-ness of the “remix” concept visually. Someone needs to fiddle with this cover’s rabbit ears, because it looks like they’re being printed on one of those crappy free Lexmark printers that you get when you buy a new computer–you know, the one that runs out of ink after thirty pages? I used to have one of those free printers, and it ran almost completely out of ink after three print jobs or so. It only printed in grayscale, and even then all of its printouts were a sallow pea green. I was in grad school, and I was too cheap and/or lazy to buy new ink, so I started changing the default color in my Word documents to that green color to justify my inaction. (Yeah, I know.) Eventually, as the print cartridge sputtered and coughed and scraped its poor insides for me, everything it printed came out in a depressing, faded, striated pattern that rendered even 24 point Helvetica completely illegible.

The band’s faces here recall those pitiful printouts of 2003.

PS–Can we put a moratorium on this band being called cute or hot? I think they maybe rise to the level of “a’ight.”


  1. thieves

    hey it looks exactly like ‘echoes’ by the rapture

  2. sparkletone

    @thieves: That’s exactly what I came to post.

  3. Lucas Jensen

    You ain’t kidding: []

  4. unperson

    Wow. I haven’t thought about the Rapture in about two years.

  5. Tauwan

    Yeah, yeah, the cover is reminiscent of The Rapture’s Echoes album, but what we all should really be up in arms about is the fact that Maroon 5 is releasing a remix album? Really? This just baffles my mind.

  6. Lucas Jensen

    @Tauwan: Yeah, well, I figure that’s a separate post unto itself. Surely it merits a spot on The Onion’s Least Essential list for 2008.

  7. Anonymous

    I’ve never figured out all the hate for Maroon 5 – they’re a great guilty pleasure band. C’mon everybody: “Six foot tall, came without a warning…” who’s with me?

    And you know Adam is hot.

  8. Tauwan


    Oh I am not hating on them at all. [My a cappella group tackled This Love and I co-choreographed/danced to Sunday Morning for a Winter Dance Concert. (Oh College)] I just think Maroon 5 is the last band/act on earth that needs a remix album, right?

  9. Anonymous

    that art is very weird. it might be a nomination for photoshop disasters, what with the strange way in which the faces are overlapping each other. also, am i to believe that the green one’s head is really that much bigger than the rest of them?

  10. Nunya B

    @borntohula: Adam Levine’s head IS disproportionately, frighteningly small.

  11. ObtuseIntolerant

    A’ight is generous…Levine is lucky he doesn’t look like a psychokiller there like he usually does.

  12. Anonymous

    @CraigP: No, they suck. Its not thier blandness that is offensive, it is that thier blandness is wildly popular.

  13. westartedthis

    actually, the album cover this reminds me of hits a bit closer to home for adam levine: []

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