Duff McKagan Starts Speaking My Language

Oct 24th, 2008 // 6 Comments

When he lived the rock and roll lifestyle by putting in time in Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, the Duff McKagan lifestyle was inaccessible to me. But now, as Duff’s “loving parent” side comes out with pieces like the one in the Seattle Weekly music blog Reverb about broaching the delicate topic of sex with his daughter, I’m starting to feel some kinship.

Last week, I was faced with a hurdle every parent must eventually face. You see, my wife and I have two daughters, the older one just entering middle school this year. With middle school comes the sudden pressures of acting “grown up,” looking “cool,” and talking about. . . wait for it. . . SEX. The dreaded moment has come for me as a father: the moment for THE TALK…

I don’t know how many people read this column, and I also don’t know if anyone who reads this is a parent, but let me tell you guys something: Apparently, oral sex in middle school is approached as nonchalantly as maybe kissing was back when I was that age. There is no way my two angels are gonna be ANY part of that nonsense, believe you me! If iChat and YouTube are the new hiding places for extracurricular activities such as this, how do I find out? Fuck, my mind starts to go a million miles an hour thinking about the responsibilities and safeguards we “information age” parents have to juggle. I don’t want to spy on my kids. There HAS to be trust. They are dealing with so much more data than we did at that age. I will, however, shut down anything that brings harm to my daughters. If I were to find out that anything bad was happening, all of my Utopian hubbub would go out the window, and it would get real 1950’s in the McKagan household, and in a hurry.

I feel you, Duff. As a parent of two, those days are sneaking up on me more quickly than I’d like to admit, and the world is only getting scarier by the minute. And to think, you have the frightening example of the Celebrity Rehabbing Steven Adler hanging over your shoulder. I don’t have anything to match up with that, although the fear of having things go as wrong as they did for the poor Hudsons with their daughter Katy keeps me up at night.

The Birds, the Bees, and My Daughters [Reverb]

  1. Anonymous

    That’s not bowie in that picture? Hmm.

  2. Lax Danja House

    Duff is mad chill.

  3. T'Challa

    @Lax Danja House: co-sign. And the guy has a workout regimen that would put us all to shame, hence the Bowie-esque glow.

  4. okiedoke

    When I read “broaching the delicate topic of sex with his daughter,” I thought this was going in a whole different direction.

    Whew, man.

  5. ObtuseIntolerant

    I was a Slash girl, but Duff was always cool.

    A bit of advice for daughter-raising from someone who was raised in a non-restrictive environment yet did not become a slut:

    Try doing what my mom and dad did…explain to your child from a young age: most people are stupid morons, and your child is just way better than them all in smarts and character. The idea of intimately touching absolute idiots is pretty unpalatable to a well-raised child, and a parent’s affirmation of how awesome you are in non-superficial ways will keep you pretty well protected until you realize they were lying to you out of love, in about your early twenties. Safe!

    Other than that…hope they are so awkward through their tweens/teens that there is no hope of contact with the sex of their interest? Also, encourage them to spend all of her time with nonthreatening, obviously gay young men. Straight boys are a nervewracking and dull alternative.

  6. revmatty

    I’m dreading when my girls hit the teen years, I think I’ll print this column out and keep it for reference. Duff rulez.

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