The Best Election-Related Thing You Will See All Day

Somewhere, “Weird Al” is kicking himself for not thinking of this spin on T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” first. [YouTube via Ultragrrrl]

  • Anonymous

    Wow. That completely made my day.

  • Anonymous

    is there nothing a chorus of singing black kids (and one lone white fatty) can’t make better?

  • Nutzrpoppin

    Lone White Fatty for President!!!!

  • DeeW

    Pure Joy!

  • MayhemintheHood

    Yup. This is awesome. Screw election-related…this will be the best thing I see all day, period.

  • Tauwan

    Great, now I want to immediately stop what I’m doing and pop in my Sister Act 2 DVD.

  • CaligulaHamSandwich

    Malaria Kills!

    No really, this is great.