The Zune Is Giving Up On English Speakers

Oct 28th, 2008 // 4 Comments

It’s no particular secret that the Zune hasn’t really caught on with most of America so far, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still people out there willing to pick one up. Audience of El Gordo y La Flaca, have we got the portable digital audio player for you!

Before we get into Microsoft’s latest adventure in demography, let’s recap which audiences have been paired with the Zune so far. (I might be missing one or two target markets.)
People who enjoy the color pink.
Easily impressionable message-board types.
Factory Records completists.
LA hipsters.
Bloggers (again).

At this point, the audience of Sabado Gigante might be the only group of people left in the continental United States underexposed to the digital-media player’s merits!

Spanish-language network Univision and Zune, the Microsoft music and entertainment service, today said they were launching a music download service via

The new service will be branded Baja Zune Musica en (Download Zune Music on

“Music has been at the forefront of’s offerings, and this new partnership is part of a number of steps we have taken this year to enhance the music experience of our users,” said Cesar Conde, executive vice president and chief strategy officer, Univision. “By offering Zune’s music catalog and cutting-edge features, we are delivering a comprehensive online music subscription platform experience via the most-visited Spanish-language Web site in the U.S.”

As a result of the deal, Microsoft becomes the exclusive online music download and subscription provider on in the United States, including Puerto Rico. The service offers Zune music charts, artist profiles and access to more than 4 million songs through the online music store called Zune Marketplace, the companies said.

This might actually be the best idea Microsoft has had in the multi-year debacle of trying to pawn the Zune onto consumers, since the Latino music market is fiercely loyal to its music and artists. But what exactly does Univision get out of lending its credibility and audience to Microsoft? Either way, I’m excited for the crossover promotion when the nuns bring a stack of Zunes back to the children of the orphanage on Querida Enemiga. It’s sure to be a touching moment when the children ask if they can have an iPod Touch instead.

Univision, Zune Team for Music Downloads [Adweek]


  1. mexiback

    Querida enemiga! You’ve done your homework, Dan (:

  2. La Mareada

    Querida Enimiga already had an MP3 story (teen manipulates parents and stepmother to get an ipod). Uh not that I watch novelas or anything. (Maldita Sara!)

  3. mexiback

    @La Mareada:OMG Sara is THE WORST! So evil and manipulative.

    Yo tampoco veo novelas ;)

  4. Anonymous

    maybe the zune hasn’t really caught on with some of us
    “gringos”, but some of us have other priorities right now
    and fun items like the “zune” aren’t exactly at the too
    of our list right now amigo! I would really like to get
    one and had a chance at one time or another xcept that I
    could not order from my p.c. I had to use another type of
    communication device that used microsoft windows. I really
    felt this was unfair. I had a visa gift card I could have
    used to pay the shipping costs. Well the offer is gone and
    so is the gift card(used it to fill my tank a couple
    times. Don’t give up on us gringos yet compadre, we are
    just prioritizing other needs right now…
    hasta manana!

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