Would You Pay $2,000 For A Signed Print Of The “Nevermind” Cover?

Next month, Christie’s is hosting an auction entitled Punk/Rock, in which memorabilia from the Sex Pistols will mingle with the likes of signed Van Halen picture discs and a print of the Nevermind cover that’s signed–in gold pen!–by Kurt, Kris, and Dave. (It’s supposed to go for $2,000-$3,000. Um…) Of course, much ado is being made about the Pistols items in the auctions, because even though they’ve done their damndest to piss on their legacy and set it on fire over the past few years people still think they Kind Of Mean Something To Music. But there are a few other items that those of you with disposable income and an appetite for music geekery might enjoy:

First off, those of you who are wondering where the hell you’re going to write ever again after the Great Meltdown Of 2008 takes every iteration of the written word with it can find some inspiration in these lots of old fanzines, even if said inspiration just involves you holding on to your old copies of Chickfactor for cashing-in purposes later on down the road:

Slash. Twenty issues of the LA fanzine, including the first two issues. Get a peek of what’s on offer at the magazine’s unofficial archive.

Bomp Newsletters. Twelve issues of the Greg Shaw-penned newsletter from 1977, including the first two editions.

And a few other items:

Ramones T-Shirt. Is there carbon-dating on thread? Because this looks like it was fetched from Hot Topic, like, yesterday.

Punk badges. I see Nick Lowe and the X-Ray Spex!

One thousand posters. Notable in part because it may be the only time a photo of anything related to the Dwarves shows up on Christie’s site.

Black guitar signed by 15 people. The lot description says that it was signed by “15 people including members of Guns N’ Roses and the Sex Pistols,” but if you look really closely, Teri Nunn’s signature is there too. That must have been some party?

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