Usher Gets His “I Voted” Sticker

Oct 29th, 2008 // 1 Comment

Usher’s new single, “Hush,” is his stab at a political story song, urging people to do good works both lyrically and by example–whether those good works involve visiting the sick or casting a ballot. On that note, Pitchfork’s Marc Hogan did a brief survey of songs mentioning this year’s Presidential candidates that includes songs by Jay-Z, the Mountain Goats, and Johns Brown and Rich–as well as a dig at the Electoral College. [Dailymotion / Pitchfork]

  1. Luke N Atmaguchi

    My concept of electoral vote apportioning is, perhaps like some of you, kind of frozen to when I memorized it for school. Add to that my fondness for the election board game “Landslide,” and I’m still pretty locked into: California 45, New York 41, Illinois 26, Ohio 25, Florida 17 (?!) . . .

    That map has sure changed . . .

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