Jimmy Buffett To Swing Florida’s Vote With Nothing But An Acoustic Guitar And A Handle Of Rum

Oct 29th, 2008 // 13 Comments

This weekend, Jimmy Buffett will strap on his boat shoes and head down to Tampa so he can play a free concert in support of Barack Obama‘s attempt to take the crucial swing state of Florida on Election Day. But what will the slogan for this show be? Oh wait, I know.

Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Vote

OK, it’s actually called “Last Chance For Change,” but no matter the name, this is a huge coup for the Obama campaign. If there’s one group that runs the gamut from “nutty drunk liberals” to “straight-laced corporate types who enjoy the occasional fruity rum drink”, it’s Jimmy Buffett fans. And with any luck, the concert will go down something like this:

(Please watch this. I beg of you.)

Also, I’d like to give 10 demerits to the Associated Press for its lede: “The mayor of Margaritaville is jumping into this year’s political fray.” I henceforth ban any mention of Margaritaville from Jimmy Buffett article ledes.

Jimmy Buffett Information Page [BarackObama.com]
Jimmy Buffett to sing for Obama [AP]

  1. Anonymous

    Last Chance for Changes in Latitude?

  2. Anonymous

    that video was more than worth my time. The wild long claps, the silly gesticulating, the (chrocheted?) vest. Crazy.

  3. sXenester

    “Come Tuesday”?
    “It’s ‘Nam’O'Clock Somewhere” (feat. Alan Jackson)?
    “A Vet Looks At Eighty”

    … I grew up listening to Buffett… what’s your excuse?

  4. Anonymous

    @sXenester: Do spend your entire day jumping between here and punknews?

  5. Thierry

    In 2008, that dancer would be a perfect candidate for a game of “Hobo or Hipster”.

  6. sXenester

    @tim_loves_cats: and the B9 board, but it’s down. You post on pn.o?

  7. Kate Richardson

    @ImmaculateMisconception: I like it! And I’m kind of ashamed I didn’t come up with it.

    @sXenester: That’s also my excuse, though I really don’t think you need one to know and love Jimmy.

  8. sXenester

    @Kate Richardson: considering my tastes are traditionally not very close to JB, an excuse comes in handy.

    Unless you can connect Belle & Sebastian, Ash, Jawbreaker and Have Heart to JB.

  9. Anonymous

    @sXenester: I do, as red eye inc. I love the Rick Ta Life picture on b9 right now.

  10. sXenester

    @tim_loves_cats: I’m considering saving it but it creeps me out so much. slow news day on pn.o and here, somewhat, and with 5 hours to kill between classes today, it’s either watch my House dvd I brought with me (not really in the mood) or wait for B9 to come back. this sucks.

  11. Anonymous

    @sXenester: I’ll admit, I’m a bit lost today.

  12. Anonymous

    Don’t be fooled, this is just Jimmy Buffet’s attempt to get a black fan.

  13. Chris Molanphy

    @Kate Richardson: And with any luck, the concert will go down something like this…

    See, personally, I hope it goes down more like this:

    “Mellow, but not smooth…kinda shitty…”
    “Jimmy Buffett!”

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