Jimmy Buffett To Swing Florida’s Vote With Nothing But An Acoustic Guitar And A Handle Of Rum

This weekend, Jimmy Buffett will strap on his boat shoes and head down to Tampa so he can play a free concert in support of Barack Obama‘s attempt to take the crucial swing state of Florida on Election Day. But what will the slogan for this show be? Oh wait, I know.

Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Vote

OK, it’s actually called “Last Chance For Change,” but no matter the name, this is a huge coup for the Obama campaign. If there’s one group that runs the gamut from “nutty drunk liberals” to “straight-laced corporate types who enjoy the occasional fruity rum drink”, it’s Jimmy Buffett fans. And with any luck, the concert will go down something like this:

(Please watch this. I beg of you.)

Also, I’d like to give 10 demerits to the Associated Press for its lede: “The mayor of Margaritaville is jumping into this year’s political fray.” I henceforth ban any mention of Margaritaville from Jimmy Buffett article ledes.

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