David Archuleta Tries To Break Robbie Williams In The U.S.

Oct 29th, 2008 // 20 Comments

The new single by American Idol runner-up David Archuleta is his take on Robbie Williams’ “Angels,” and the song is actually quite well-suited to Archie’s voice. (Honestly, the more I hear him singing normal pop-song material, the more I think that my aversion to him was rooted in the Up With People-like songs he sang during the competition.) Listening to this cover made me think that Archie would be smart to work with a producer who may fall outside of his dad’s comfort zone, but who helped create an album that had a measure of success this year…

This is a demo version of Bernard Butler’s “I’m Tired,” which appeared on his 1998 album People Move On, but so many parallels can be drawn between the velvety textures of Butler’s and Archuleta’s voices. (I actually thought of Butler immediately upon hearing the first note Archuleta laid down on “Angels.”) And the sweeping strings that mark Butler’s production on that album would probably be well-foiled by Archie’s croon, don’t you think?

David Archuleta – Angels [YouTube]
Bernard Butler – I’m Tired [YouTube]


  1. Thierry

    That’s actually a genius idea – but then again, I’m the kind of person who’d get excited by a Celine Dion album if Bernard Butler were producing it…

  2. dyfl

    Unfortunately I can’t stand Archuleta’s voice any more on this song — which I usually love — than I could anywhere else. The entire reason this song ever worked for me is that Robbie Williams has a deeply non-maudlin voice (to be, uh, charitable). Archuleta oversings even when he breathes, you know? It’s unavoidable.

  3. the rich girls are weeping

    Dudr, Archuleta seriously needs to work on his interpretation skills. He’s got a great voice, but there’s … nothing behind it. Like Tyra Banks’ “smile without the eyes,” you know?

    I’d be happier if Robbie Williams and Bernard Butler worked together!

  4. Al Shipley

    I like the Robbie Williams version, it’s a shame that it stiffed in the U.S. to the degree that asshats like Archuleta and Jessica Simpson think that gives them room to keep trying to make it a hit here.

  5. mexiback

    Remember the Jessica Simpson version? SIGH.

  6. Anonymous

    His voice suits well with this version of ANGELS. Robbie Williams always gets credit for his originality for the song, but David’s heartfelt interpretation of the song (This song is so dear to him) and the powerful vocal ability is way beyond his age. BTW, I am not sure if this song is his next single. CRUSH is doing so well and I think it’s early to promote the next single. IMO.

  7. Anonymous

    I love love love Angels sung by David Archuleta, his vocals are amazing. Talk about emotional interpretation, David is the BEST!

  8. Anonymous

    Love this version by David too. He has done it so many different ways. Have lost count. Guessing we’ll hear it yet other ways again too. WOW!

  9. Anonymous

    First,I love Robbie Williams….and he’s awesome with that song.But, actually…..Daid Archuleta does a pretty good job! His vocals are smooth and sultry even if he does add runs to everything.Given the pop genre today…I think he’s going to be very successful! Only 17…and a cutie!

  10. Anonymous

    David Archuleta has an amazing voice and is extremely good at not only interpreting music but in showing intense feeling in his singing, especially for someone so young. He also happens to be a wonderful and charming person. It is ok for some of you to not like him. That is your right, but thousands and thousands of people do, and he is going to be huge. Mark my words.

  11. Anonymous

    Wow, I think that is a fabulous idea. I think Bernard Butler would totally “get” what to do with David. Archuleta has the velvet in his voice and yet can soar on the big notes. Someone in the music business described his ability to put emotion into his songs as, “His voice cries”. He can give me the chills on big notes. I think his “Angels” success may be a surprise to everyone, including his record label. Don’t know if they are planning on releasing it as a single. The one above is not the one from the album.

  12. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    @LK08: How do you feel about the Jonas Brothers? And Tokio Hotel?

  13. Anonymous

    David has been the only singer in many years that can transcend emotions to his audience with such meaning. This is a rare gift and very few singers (great singers) have not been able to accomplish this. His age has nothing to do with his gift and talent, but for someone so young with not a tremendous amount of stage experience he has overtaken many of his peers. He natural, honest, sincere and humble, with a amazing voice that just embrases every note. He is big already and will be a star much brighter that most recording today.

  14. Thierry

    Five straight first-post users praising David Archuleta. Hmmm…

  15. Anonymous

    I am not into the Jonas Brothers but respect them as people and admire their success. I don’t know anything about Tokio Hotel. Probably the reason for so many first time posters is that someone wrote article about David and we have strong opinions.

  16. Anonymous

    Also, I have lurked many times but never felt compelled to comment.

  17. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    @LK08: I am not into the Jonas Brothers but respect them as people and admire their success. I don’t know anything about Tokio Hotel. Probably the reason for so many first time posters is that someone wrote article about David and we have strong opinions.

    Just having a bit of fun. As Thierry noted, acts like those, and apparently David Archuleta, tend to bring a lot of first time commenters. You seem cool and decidedly un-crazy, so, welcome.

  18. Anonymous

    Thanks. I have been told before on blogs that I am an un-crazy Archuleta fan. I will take that as a compliment.:)

  19. Anonymous

    By the way, I know David is doing younger music now to draw in some younger fans and because he is young, but he is a serious artist and is IMO, way better than many of the young pop artists (Miley Cyrus, etc.). In time, I see him going more the direction of Jason Mraz and John Mayer, since those are artists whose music he really admires.

  20. Anonymous

    I feel David has done an outstanding version of this song. He has such a heartfelt feeling to it. He has an extremely beautiful voice. The boy is going places. He is natural, honest, sincere and humble, with a amazing voice that just embraces every note. I wait for the day he moves into a more mature singer, but at this point, he is exactly where he should be.

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