A Birthday Tribute To A Project X Regular

Oct 29th, 2008 // Comment

Anyone who’s read the Project X columns featuring my mom and sisters commenting on the hits knows I have a pretty cool family. Today I’d like to pay tribute to one of them, my sister Alex, who today turns 23. Compared to the rest of us–our sister Brittany, our mother, and I–Alex is the quiet one in the family, though you wouldn’t know it when she’s out with her friends. Alex is the family member most dedicated to Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and I know maybe three other people who love karaoke as much, which makes it even stupider that the two of us haven’t gone out to sing together yet. (This Christmas, for sure.) Last night, she went out with her friends and reports singing Shania Twain’s “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under.” The video isn’t embeddable here, but here’s a link. Alex: happy birthday, kiddo, and let’s try to talk more on the phone (even though I know you don’t really like to). [YouTube]

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