And I Thought I Had A Hard Time With Halloween

Oct 30th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Someone just came to this site looking for “John Oates Halloween costume.” Really, guy? You mean you need to figure out exactly which frizzy black wig and big moustache to wear in order to impress your pals? Say it isn’t so! Oh, OK, fine. Here. Just don’t wear a suit, and don’t put on a stupid accent, and maybe find a faded T-shirt that doesn’t have sleeves. Or rip one you already have, I don’t know. (And in case you really need help, here’s a suggestion for your Hall.)

  1. Lucas Jensen

    Yeah. I’ve even thought about this one. NOT HARD.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m actually performing as Oates tomorrow night (Caledonia Lounge with the Shut-Ups), and it couldn’t have been easier to find a tight afro wig. And now I feel like a carbon copy of every other Halloween loser.

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