Things I Wish I Could Be For Halloween, Another One In A Series

Mac Tonight. (Although I’d probably break into “We Didn’t Start The Fire” now and again.) [via disgustingthingsihaveeaten]

  • Dickdogfood

    Me? Eddie Cantor. (NOT in blackface, obv.)

  • Maura Johnston

    OMG, someone in my house is listening to “Mack The Knife” right now?!

  • Maura Johnston


  • Chris Molanphy

    One year in the early ’80s, I was inspired by an ad for California raisins (this was a few years before the famed California Raisins claymation ads/hit albums) to dress as the sun. In the commercial, they had this guy holding forth about the tastiness of raisins with a giant yellow sun-circle on his head, with “flame” shapes around the edges and everything.

    My Mom recreated the look with oaktag. It wasn’t one of my better costumes, FYI–kept drooping, and it was awkward to walk around. So I wouldn’t recommend a giant-moon oaktag thing on your head.

  • anumberofnames

    I had a birthday cake with this moon guy singing my praises at the time that this commercial came out.

  • nmcglynn

    I was Mac Tonight for Halloween!