Brother Ali Gives It Up For The President-Elect

Nov 5th, 2008 // 3 Comments

There will certainly be a shit-ton of hip-hop songs celebrating Barack Obama’s victory last night, but Brother Ali, the bullish Minneapolis rapper, has already posted a free MP3 of his new Marvin Gaye-sampling “Mr. President (You’re the Man).” It’s obviously rushed, but Ali’s not just laying back (not that he ever does, vocally or lyrically): when he hollers, “Almost feels right this time,” the emphasis as much on “almost” as on “right.” Other choice lines: “The first time in my generation/This nation has had this real race conversation”; “Let’s have a campaign to change us from within.” [Rhymesayers Entertainment]


  1. moulty

    I saw the Brother at a get out the vote rally the other week. He wasn’t allowed to endorse a candidate but wore an Obama shirt anyways. This song’s alright–no “Whatcha Got” or “Forrest Whittaker”–but it’ll do. Is this Ant on the beats?

    How this insanely talented and charismatic MC isn’t way more popular than he is I’ll never understand.

  2. Michaelangelo Matos

    I’m sure I saw that it was produced by Ali, but now I can’t find a citation. Hmmm.

  3. Marth

    Pretty good for being thrown together, but I agree with moulty–not really up to Brother Ali’s incredibly high standards.

    And I don’t think anyone would argue if he would’ve taken an extra day and thrown a chorus in there. Or at least cut out some of the ‘insert chorus here’ bars. Otherwise, good work, Ali.

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