Superheroic Christina Aguilera Can’t Save Her Song From Target’s Censor-Bots

Nov 6th, 2008 // Comment

Christina Aguilera’s Target-only greatest-hits comp Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade Of Hits (which, cough cough, leaked today) is being advertised with the above ad, in which our heroine turns into a flying, bad-guy-fighting, overly eyelinered superwoman who can’t quite fly her rocketship. Pity, however, that two of the key words in the chorus–”bitch” and “damn”–are too sensitive for the purposes of pushing it at the big-box retailer because you have to protect the ears of the children, I guess. Although I’m pretty sure that if they flip on their closest radio–or, hell, if they actually decide to buck recent trends and pony up for the CD while on a run for these super-cute flats–they can hear the song in all its bitchy, damning glory. [YouTube]

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