Journey Confuses Two Million More People About Detroit’s Geography

Journey’s apparently timeless anthem “Don’t Stop Believin'” is now the first “catalog” track to reach the two million legal digital download mark. First off, it’s pretty crazy that it took this long for the ubiquitous “Believin'” to sell two million copies, even though it’s been blared in every venue imaginable, from The Sopranos to the Chicago White Sox locker room. Obviously, “catalog” tracks are not the sellers that newer tracks are. With its lyrics of wine, cheap perfume, and South Detroit, it’s become something of an anthem for many non-urban dwellers who spend time singing along to songs in their cars. What’s really sad about this is I bet Journey only made a few hundred thousand dollars about it after iTunes, the record label, and other various personages got their cuts.

But let’s get back to the lyrics. Take a look at the map above. Can someone tell me where South Detroit is? I see a Southwest Detroit. I don’t see a straight-up South Detroit. I see Windsor, Ontario to the south. But South Detroit? Did he grow up in the river? Is this a song about a Merman? Am I crazy? Can someone from Detroit answer this for me? So many questions…

Journey’s Timeless Power Ballad “Don’t Stop Believin'” Becomes First Catalog Track Ever to Reach 2 Million Mark in Digital Sales [PR Newswire]