Nov 6th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Glenn Danzig: Endorsing Barack Obama since 1988? [YTMND]


  1. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    Good lord.

    Thank you so much for this.

  2. dippinkind

    i think i sent this in as a tip earlier today (i sent it to someone anyway) – saw this headline on Politico44:

    Will Gates Stay?
    Danzig Also in the Mix for Defense

    “Former government officials see homeland security as a good fit for Danzig, who’s in the past pressed for more preparation against bioterrorism.”

    i assume they may be referring to Green Hell there.

    (they are, of course, really speaking of former Navy sec Richard Danzig… based on that awesome video of Glenn getting spun around and knocked out with one punch backstage awhile back, defense might not be his strong suit.)

  3. dreamsneverend

    Bahahaha… that rules.

  4. Skwerl

    lol irl

  5. Anonymous

    \m/ \m/

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