Satellite Radio Fans, Get Your Complaint Letters Ready Now

Nov 7th, 2008 // 15 Comments

According to the incredibly observant satellite-radio news site Orbitcast, the Great Sirius XM Channel Merge Of 2008 will occur on Nov. 12. Redundancies between the two former competitors will apparently be resolved that day, although a few specialty stations will remain on both services. When the merger was announced, the word was that the stations for both services would be looked at, and when there was duplication (the retro decades channels, for example), the better of the two stations would survive. For example, Sirius oldies DJ Cousin Brucie is moving over to XM as well, which would indicate that one of XM’s music-related channels will be receding into the background soon. The real question: Will Sirius’s Left of Center make the cut, and will we still be able to enjoy our weekly fix of Pearl Jam b-sides and Ponytail tracks on Brooklyn Vegan’s show? IF not, we might not even have time to say goodbye–indications are that the services’ new lineups will be announced the day of the change. [Orbitcast]

  1. Audif Jackson Winters III

    I think LOC will make the cut. It seems to have more interesting programming (Blog Radio excepted) than its XM counterpart, XMU.

  2. LiquidHeaven

    I listen to exactly two stations with my Sirius subscription, Left of Center and Howard 100.

    I think the blog radio stuff is too forward thinking for them to scratch it. It’s got to be cheap to produce and also (I imagine) earns the company SOME subscriptions unlike a generic 60s/70s/80s/90s channel which people may stumble upon but i really doubt is the catalyst to subscribing.

    Does XM have a station as good as left of center?

  3. Audif Jackson Winters III

    @LiquidHeaven: Yeah, that’s a good point. Blog Radio is probably the equivalent of Riley Martin’s show, or the Superfan Roundtable … an easy, cheap way to fill time.

  4. LiquidHeaven

    Qua umsome o’lajiwon

  5. exposition

    The decades channels on both services have high listener rates and very passionate fans.

    Sirius fans who don’t listen to David Johansen or Vin Scelsa on Disorder, or Ko Melina on Undergorund Garage, you’re missing out.

    I prefer LOC to XMU, but XM’s classic alternative and hip-hop is significantly better than the same offerings on Sirius.

  6. Anonymous

    The Program Director and Music Director of XM’s “XMU” channel have already been let go. That station will disappear soon. Also, make what you will of the following staff cuts at XM that have already taken place:

    Kevin Kash; Boneyard (XM 41) PD, midday jock and host of “Breaking Bone! Hour”

    Lisa Ivery; XM The City PD

    DJ Xclusive; XM The City MD

    Kurt Gilchrist; senior PD of Decades on XM

    Ken Smith; XM ’50s on 5 PD

    Matt the Cat; XM ’50s on 5 MD

    Pat Clarke; XM ’60s on 6 PD

    Jessie Scott; XM X-Country PD

    Ray Knight; XM America PD

    John Welch; XM America MD

    “Country Dan” Dixon; XM America show coordinator

    Bill Evans; XM Café PD

    Brian Chamberlain; XM Café MD

    Cathy Carter; XM Café personality

    The Mad Mexican; XM Aguila MD

    Karla Rodríguez; XM Viva PD

    George Taylor Morris; a jock on XM Deep Tracks and senior director of original programming

    Kandy Klutch; afternoon talent; XM ’80s on 8

    John Clay; XM ’70s on 7 PD

    Billy Zero; XM XMU PD

    Tobi; XM XMU MD

    Erik Range; XM Ethel MD

    Rick Lambert; XM Fred PD

    Bill Hutton; XM Lucy PD

    Also just heard that SIRIUS programmer/DJ “Christopher The Minister” has left the building.

  7. LiquidHeaven

    Oh snap… I liked the minister. Fogelnest plays better music but he’s fairly annoying.

  8. LiquidHeaven

    I guess getting Sirius was the right choice from the start if they fired half the XM staff they’re probably shuttering those channels.

  9. exposition


    George Taylor Morris left before all this went down for health reasons:

  10. LiquidHeaven

    That’s what they WANT you to believe.

  11. Anonymous

    I mostly listen to Left of Center, but occasionally wander down as far as Alt Nation.

  12. Anonymous

    David Johansen wasn’t on tonight unless they moved him to a different channel. That Loft is like Coffee House 2. It’s all wimpy music. I wish they would dump that and bring back Disorder. If Johansen is gone then Sirius sucks.

  13. Robert Hall

    The 70`s on 7 on Sirius/XM is very annoying to listen to. The reason why I say this, is because all I ever hear is station IDs and disc jockeys. Please everybody, if you really don`t like all that hype, you can always complain. 1. E-Mail 2. By calling 1-877-747-4967 and leaving your complaint. The more people that voice their true feedback, maybe they will get the disc jockeys and station IDs off of there and have a true uninterrupted 70`s station.

  14. I wouldn’t want either of these to disappear!

  15. norma carrell

    .. I really liked listening to KEN Smith on XM and Matt the Cat on the 50′S.

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