Madonna Sure Knows How To Craft An Anticlimax

Yes, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake both appeared at last night’s Madonna show at Dodger Stadium. No, they weren’t on stage together. Yes, Ryan Seacrest used his massive power to sell a few more tickets to the show by implying something big was in the works. Instead, the people who ponied up for tickets got Britney half-heartedly dancing around with her microphone possibly not even on during “Human Nature” and Justin performing live on “4 Minutes.” Not exactly the sort of thing that’s exciting enough to lure me away from the Oprah episode of 30 Rock. As Maura put it via IM, “2008: all gossip-blog hype, no follow-through.” [YouTube]

  • Chris N.

    Britney looks a tad frightened of Madonna.

  • Defenestrated

    @Chris N.: Honestly, who isn’t a tad frightened of Madonna at this point? She’s turning into some sort of musclebound leprechaun.

  • T’Challa

    The only show in L.A. that mattered last night as TV on the Radio at the Wiltern. Transcendental.

  • Anonymous

    Really, I guess that’s why 50,000 people showed up last night. People are so afraid of her that during a recession, they are going to spend $100-$400 on tickets to see her in concert. This site is becoming so pathetic.

  • Maura Johnston

    @report345: dude, lighten up. your madonna standom is becoming super-humorless.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, by madonna standom is out of control and I don’t even work for her! Yet, your constant Madonna bashing is getting a little old. I would take away the line that this site is becoming pathetic, because it isn’t. That’s why I come here! But your Madonna bashing is becoming pathetic.

  • Tauwan


    Look I unlike most people bumps me some Hard Candy, and likes me some Madonna, but come on, I am living here in L.A., and this concert just did not seem like an event as was the case with Madonna concerts past. [I still am trying to wrap my head around why it was at Dodger Stadium of all places.] Yeah it had billboards placed strategically here and there throughout town, and yeah it was on the tip of many a fan’s tongue cause it’s Madonna after all, but when she on the day of the show announces that two of the currently biggest pop stars in the game [WHO USED TO DATE! OH MY!] are going to make cameo appearances, and then gives us a moment like the one presented above, you can’t help but join the “let’s sell some tickets/garner some attention through stunt casting” crowd. Sorry, you just can’t.

  • CapnCalamity

    @Tauwan: Yes, it was a depressingly short appearance by Ms. Spears. But, as I always say, “a little Britney is better than none.”

  • Maura Johnston

    @report345: it’s not bashing, sweetie. it’s called poking fun. you might want to look at the other posts on the site, since you only seem to gravitate toward the madonna-related ones so you can experience maximum butthurtage.

  • Tauwan



    [T minus 5 seconds til Womanizer's hook gets caught in my head for the afternoon. UT! There it is!]

  • Anonymous

    Tauwan, both of Madonna’s last tours kicked off in LA. That’s why they were in the news more. This time, she kicked off in Europe and LA is one of the last stops before the end of the U.S. tour. She played to 40,000 people in three nights for the Confessions Tour (arguably less since many fans go to multiple shows). At Dodger’s Stadium, she played to 50,000 in ONE night. Any way you try and spin in that number is incredible, especially considering she played to another 40,000 people just two and a half hours south of LA.