50 Cent On How The Celebrity-Industrial Complex Gets Money

Nov 10th, 2008 // 7 Comments

“People enjoy looking at pictures! That’s why they go to gossip sites. Half the time what they’re saying is [baloney]. They want to see you when it’s not the red-carpet look, that you’ve got the designer dress that cost $20,000 and $2 million in jewels and when they gave you the chain they gave you a security person. They don’t want that. They want the real deal–they want to see you going to the store. This is why products like Uggs got popular real quick. Because they got a chance to see the celebrity paparazzi shot with the woman wearing Uggs. Same deal with Von Dutch. They see so many people wearing that–they didn’t realize Von Dutch was giving those hats to celebrities.” [LAT via Gawker]


  1. AquaLung

    And yet, the bullet-proof vest remains a hard sell accessory.

  2. queensissy

    Oh, how I wish 50 Cent actually said “baloney.”

  3. Anonymous

    Remember the celebrity paparazzi shot with the woman wearing Uggs? I had almost forgotten about the celebrity paparazzi shot with the woman wearing Uggs. You’d think that 50 would be a bit more articulate on the subjects of fashion and gossip. And Broadway musicals.

  4. Maura Johnston

    @K-Rex: i still see ugg boots around town all the time! people are still paying that shit off.

  5. Halfwit

    @K-Rex: 50 Cent knows the value of a good blind item.

  6. Anonymous

    Those “Sunday Conversation” pieces in the Times are just asinine. The interviewer always seems to be enjoying the proceedings without communicating to the readers why we should be doing the same.

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