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Nov 11th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Thanks to this job, yesterday I found myself wondering, “Huh, isn’t it weird that Taylor Swift’s Fearless hasn’t leaked to one of those full-album Blogger outposts yet, given that it comes out tomorrow?” Well, a sorta-explanation for that in one blogger’s own words (and punctuation marks): “I Orginally intended to only post a couple songs from the CD but NEVER was gonna post the CD!maybe Next Year after it’s been on the chart’s & stuff like that! But as a special Request from BigMachine Records we’ve been asked to NOT POST FEARLESS!IDK WHY but they said the blog will get suspended!BUT I’m still not posting it!” Of course, it’s popped up here and there now that it’s out in stores, but really, if all it takes for leaks to stop is a cute-as-a-button teenage girl fronting some ominous threats, we may very well see some new release strategies from the music industry… [Drew's Music Media]


  1. AL

    “IDK WHY”

    Are the people who run these blogs really THAT clueless?? Also, are they 12?

  2. Maura Johnston

    @AL: dude, there is one leak blogger out there who is convinced that her dmca takedowns are actually part of a conspiracy against her, and not based on the actions of labels’ legal departments. i swear to god.

  3. Anonymous

    On the bright side, Fearless is $3.99 over at the Amazon mp3 store, so the hand that taketh away also giveth.

  4. LeighBlack

    I listened to the album today (after getting the leak yesterday) and it’s full of surprisingly good, heartfelt pop songs. I’ve never listened to her before, but I just might grab the album from the 3.99 deal at Amazon.

  5. Rob Murphy

    @LeighBlack: Agreed. This is a great pop record with just enough drawl-and-twang to appeal to modern country and adult contemporary audiences. And Swift is a terrific songwriter. I look forward to seeing how her writing evolves as she matures.

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