If The Reviews Are Bad, Mr. Archuleta’s Going To Be Upset

Nov 11th, 2008 // 11 Comments

Our look at the closing lines of reactions to the week’s biggest new music continues with a glance at reviews of David Archuleta’s self-titled album, which arrives in stores today:

• “The music, made by many producers and songwriters, averages out different forms of radio-format blandness, with tinges of Coldplay and Shania Twain, and a few dollops of good writing: ‘Don’t Let Go,’ co-written and co-produced by the former ’N Sync singer JC Chasez; and ‘Crush.’ But the persona remains intact, ready for more. ‘Show me that good things come to those who wait,’ Mr. Archuleta sings at the end of ‘You Can.’ He sounds as lost as ever, yet this is a mark of absolute assurance.” [NY Times]

• “But when the gloss gets stripped away and Archuleta slips in some sweet flourishes on the mostly solo-piano ‘Running,’ you glimpse hints of how his innate tenderness might triumph if he weren’t saddled with the most generic writing and production money can buy.” [EW]

• “Here we have another Idol album of pap pop and would-be adult-contemporary duds fit only for Archie’s most devoted tween girl fans. At its best, you get ‘Running,’ which sounds like Clay Aiken 2.0. At its worst, you get ‘My Hands,’ which is Justin Guarini 2.0. Either way, David Archuleta utterly fails to convey the qualities that made the Utah teen an Idol favorite.” [Boston Herald]

• “The lowlights are too many midtempo tunes that fail to make an impact, even after repeated listening. (In contrast, ‘Crush’ rewards numerous listens.) This isn’t an album that takes risks. Archuleta is to be commended for co-writing two songs, but those sound more filler than killer, with lyrics that settle for platitudes. But then again, who are we to look for answers for the meaning of life from a 17-year-old from Murray?” [Salt Lake Tribune]


  1. Thierry

    Shout out to JC Chasez! It’s sad to think that he should’ve easily been at least as successful as Justin, yet he now finds himself the fourth most successful ex member of ‘NSync, writing album tracks on terrible pop records…

  2. Ned Raggett

    @Thierry: Don’t remind me. Such a damn shame.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @Thierry: no joke. this song still owns:

  4. Poubelle

    Archie would like everyone to stop talking about his album so he can go back to his nap.

    (Seriously, couldn’t he manage any facial expression for that cover? He’s still young enough to smile.)

  5. Maura Johnston

    @Poubelle: it’s the same ‘i’m about to sneeze’ look that jordin sparks had on the cover of her record. does that expression really appeal to the kids or something?

  6. Anonymous

    @Maura Johnston:

    It’s selling teenage angst to the angsty.

  7. Tauwan

    Man, don’t even get me started on JC’s debut album. His debut was one of those albums where many a friend would curiously shuffle through my CDs, and then do the whole giggle, giggle, “oh my God, you did not buy this!” thang [As if they don't know one N'Sync song or hook by heart]. Whatever. It really is a great CD, particularly for those who are fans of singing: key changes, tonal shifts, knowing when and where to exert power, and when to play it softly, etc., etc. [I hope he schooled lil Archie on how to take your time and do it right] Sucks that people only seemed to truly pay attention to him when he was hanging with Chace Crawford. [Not gonna count America's Best Dance Crew cause I don't care for it. And really how can one grab a little bit of the spotlight when Mario Lopez is the Master of Ceremonies? He's all dimples, dimples, look at me!]

  8. CapnCalamity

    First of all, JC Chasez is teh awesome. It is truly a shame that his career stalled.

    Second of all, I really had hopes for lil’ Archie and his big pipes. Too bad his dad and whoever is A&Ring him thought he had nothing to offer beyond the treacly, forgettable tracks on this album. “Crush” really is fantastic (if predictable) pop, but the rest is beyond bland.

  9. Chris Molanphy

    @Poubelle: @Maura Johnston: @CraigP: The head-tilt kinda reminds me of this:


  10. Lucas Jensen

    he is a true atist and i can’t believe that you would attack this BEAUTIFUL MAN and his father does not hurt him he is wonderful to and david we lov eyou you are a true artists forever.

  11. scarletvirtue

    @Lucas Jensen: Oh no! The fangirls ate your brain, didn’t they?

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