Anthony Hamilton, R&B’s Tough-Luck Story

Nov 11th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Anthony Hamilton has a newish music video, which to me is something of an event, but strangely, it took a channel-flip past mtvU to make me realize that the soul crooner even had a new single out. His third album, The Point of It All, is apparently coming out in December (it was pushed back from the summer). “Cool” is doing reasonably well at Urban Adult Contemporary radio (a format absent from my local airwaves), but for a guy who has both a platinum and a gold album under his belt, I’d think a charming video like the one above might be added to playlists outside of the lower tier of my digital-cable package. [Official site]


  1. MayhemintheHood

    Good song, good video. Is that the “Ms. Jackson” house?

  2. Chris Molanphy

    I sort of want to coin a genre name for someone like Anthony Hamilton, and call it “Chappelle Soul.”

    That’s partially because I first saw/heard him when he performed on Chappelle’s Show. But it’s also because he fit so nicely into that cross-section of black-music genres Chappelle championed (encapsulated in his/Michele Gondry’s Block Party film). It was a smart mix of neo-Native Tongue hip-hop, most of Neo-Soul (but more the Badu side, not the Maxwell side) and other hip-hop-conversant boho R&B, which I think Hamilton fits under.

    In short, it’s the cross-section of black music that I love, and I was sorry to see it dissipate after Chappelle went off the air. Watching Block Party in a Brooklyn theater in ’06, I felt instantly wistful, like I was saying goodbye to a micro-era in black culture.

  3. La Mareada

    @Chris Molanphy: One of my favorite itunes playlists is artists that appeared in Block Party or on the show. But no John Mayer, even if that appearance was the only time he wasn’t a douche.

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