Kanye West Is Really Running With The “American Psycho” Thing

First he claimed to have pattered the interiors for his “Love Lockdown” video after Patrick Bateman’s apartment in Mary Harron’s film version of American Psycho; now, he’s claiming to have similar music taste as the titular maniac, saying that “The whole album is shit that 50 [Cent] would rap over, but I’m trying to put them Phil Collins melodies when I rap to them.” Bateman, you may remember from the very NSFW scene embedded after the jump, was also really into No Jacket Required-era Collins:

(Seriously, this clip is totally NSFW. So don’t click if you’re in an office.)

Other notes from the interview he granted yesterday:

He’s getting in touch with himself again. “I love listening sessions, because it feels like Christmas Day when the parents get to see their kids open up the gifts. I feel like I try to give the gift of music. This album is based off the devastation and the hurt that I’ve felt the past year. All the hurt that I’ve felt within the past year from all the losses that I’ve endured, have sort of settled me into being this fucking super-famous alien, where everywhere I go, somebody wants a fucking photograph…it’s hard when you not really a celebrity, but you’re just a real person that ended up being famous for your craft.”

The Blueprint 3 is delayed until early ’09, but Lil Wayne has a new record coming out soon. “It’s rumors of another album coming soon. I’m not gonna put that pressure on myself. I’m probably coming with another tour in June though. But, that’s where I’m at with my life right now. I really wanted to release this music, and I forced L.A. [Reid] to give me this release date. I was like, ‘Don’t fuckin’ wait months and months to set it up. Just give people the music!’ I’m constantly making music; we almost finished with Jay. Jay’s album is coming in February… There’s a new Wayne [click to read] with special packaging that’s coming before this Christmas is out. We’ve got a new record on there together. So we still got a bunch of shit.”

He’s not behind all the leaks of his material. And he seems to have a healthy attitude about the current depressed sales climate! “Also, ‘Robocop’ is completely different on the album. ‘Paranoid’ is different. I did not leak those, and I did not leak the ‘Heartless’ video. Motherfuckers is leaking my shit. The only shit I leaked was ‘Heartless’ and ‘Love Lockdown.’ Them the only joints I actually put out. Basically, the label moved it up to get more sales and shit. If I get the sales, then cool. If I don’t, then, hey… I’ll have to bare the burden, because I’ve been a cocky motherfucker and talked my shit and all that. And the people would love to see me not sell…hey, it is what it is. That’s the way life is, man. But hopefully I sell.”

Speaking of leaks, a bunch of other tracks from the album leaked last night; nine of the allegedly eleven tracks are out there. I’m still partial to “Coldest Winter”–hey, wait a second, why didn’t he mention Tears For Fears when he was listing his inspirations?

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