Rhino Records Has Factory Records Die-Hards’ Number

A four-disc box set commemorating the 30th anniversary of Factory Records will be released very soon. The set’s packaging will, naturally, be designed by Peter Saville, but come on–what you all want to know is the track list, right? It’s after the jump. (And it includes Miaow’s “When It All Comes Down,” woo hoo!)

Disc One:
1. Joy Division – Digital
2. Cabaret Voltaire – Baader Meinhof
3. A Certain Ratio – All Night Party
4. OMD – Electricity (Original version)
5. Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
6. The Distractions – Time Goes By So Slow
7. Joy Division – Transmission
8. The Durutti Column – Sketch For Summer
9. X-O-Dus – English Black Boys
10. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
11. A Certain Ratio – Shack Up
12. Section 25 – Girls Don’t Count
13. Crawling Chaos – Sex Machine
14. A Certain Ratio – Flight
15. The Names – Night Shift
16. New Order – Ceremony (Original version)
17. Minny Pops – Dolphin’s Spurt
18. John Dowie – It’s Hard To Be An Egg
19. Crispy Ambulance – Deaf
20. Section 25 – Dirty Disco

Disc Two:
1. New Order – Everything’s Gone Green
2. Tunnel Vision – Watching The Hydroplanes
3. The Durutti Column – Messidor
4. A Certain Ratio – Knife Slits Water (LP version)
5. Royal Family and the Poor – Art on 45
6. Swamp Children – Taste What’s Rhythm
7. New Order – Temptation
8. 52nd Street – Cool As Ice
9. New Order – Blue Monday
10. Cabaret Voltaire – Yashar (John Robie Remix)
11. Quando Quango – Love Tempo
12. The Wake – Talk About The Past

Disc Three:
1. New Order – Confusion
2. Marcel King – Reach For Love
3. Section 25 – Looking from A Hilltop (Restructure)
4. Stockholm Monsters – All At Once
5. Life – Tell Me
6. Durutti Column – A Little Mercy (Duet)
7. James – Hymn From A Village
8. Kalima – Trickery
9. A Certain Ratio – Sounds Like Something Dirty
10. Quando Quango – Genius
11. Happy Mondays – Freaky Dancin’
12. Miaow – When It All Comes Down
13. The Railway Children – Brighter
14. Biting Tongues – Compressor
15. New Order – True Faith
16. Happy Mondays – 24 Hour PartyPeople

Disc Four:
1. New Order – Fine Time
2. Happy Mondays – W.F.L. (Think About The Future)
3. Revenge – Seven Reasons
4. Happy Mondays – Hallelujah (Club Mix)
5. Electronic – Getting Away With It
6. Happy Mondays – Step On
7. Northside – Shall We Take A Trip
8. England & New Order – World In Motion (Lionrock Remix)
9. Happy Mondays – Kinky Afro
10. The Durutti Column – Home
11. Electronic – Get The Message (DNA Remix)
12. Northside – Take 5
13. Cath Carroll – Moves Like You (Remix)
14. The Other Two – Tasty Fish (12″ mix)
15. Happy Mondays – Sunshine and Love

  • dippinkind

    if only the ratio of Miaow and Happy Mondays tracks were reversed (granted, that might end up being ALL the released Miaow tracks, including ones not on Factory, but there is supposed to be an unreleased album out there…)

  • 10:02am

    No Ike Yard?

  • Dickdogfood

    Will this be FAC 512?

  • Ned Raggett

    Including Crawling Chaos — nice.

    I wonder if they’re just going to rely on the LTM Recordings remasterings for the non-JD/NO/Happy Mondays stuff.

  • the rich girls are weeping

    Seriously, that is a lot of Happy Mondays. Like, perhaps too much. What a strange assortment of odds and ends. Here’s hoping the liner notes gloss reasons behind the track selection? PAGING PAUL MORLEY.

    (Oh. Hahah. He IS doing the liner notes!!)

    Wait, Jon Savage curated the selection, but Morley’s writing the liner notes? That’s weird.

  • Anonymous

    They’ve left off Thick Pigeon.

    Oh well, its not like I had the money to spend on it anyway…

  • 10:02am

    You can just throw that fourth disc right in the trash can’t you

  • moomintroll

    @10:02am: What, and miss out on the the John Barnes rap on “World In Motion”? Never!

  • Dick Laurent is dead.

    Musically I have no reason to buy this, ‘cept “Freaky Dancin”…but I am a sucker for Saville and good writing about Factory. I agree there’s too much Mondays on here though, I wrote them off after “Bummed” to be honest.

  • DocStrange

    This pleases me. @Dickdogfood: Wasn’t FAC 512 Tony Wilson’s casket?

    This is a nice tracklisting. I already own most of this stuff (yes, even The Other Two. “Tasty Fish” is a fantastic song) but i’ll buy it for the stuff i don’t.

  • Dan Gibson

    @everyone dissing the Mondays: Heretics.

  • the rich girls are weeping

    @Dan Gibson: I’m doing the Bez dance in your general direction.

  • mike a

    Other than a nice Seville cover, what does this offer that the Palatine box set didn’t?

  • soundbitesnyc

    Yeah, this is pretty similiar to the Palatine tracklisting…

    Disc: 1
    1. Transmission – Joy Division
    2. Electricity – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
    3. All Night Party – A Certain Ratio
    4. Sketch for Summer – The Durutti Column, The Durutti Column
    5. English Black Boys
    6. You’re No Good – ESG
    7. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division
    8. Folklore – James
    9. Flight – A Certain Ratio
    10. New Horizon – Section 25
    11. Ceremony – New Order
    12. Happy Ever After – The Stockholm Monsters
    13. Tingle – Quando Quango

    Disc: 2
    1. Shack Up – A Certain Ratio
    2. Beach – New Order
    3. Looking from a Hilltop – Section 25
    4. Skip Scada – A Certain Ratio
    5. Sparkle – Kalima
    6. Reach for Love – Marcel King
    7. Yashar – Cabaret Voltaire
    8. Cool as Ice – 52nd Street
    9. Confusion – New Order
    10. N’Sel Fik – Fadela
    11. Genius – Quando Quango
    12. 24 Hour Party People – Happy Mondays

    Disc: 3
    1. Wilderness – Joy Division
    2. Watching the Hydroplanes – Tunnelvision
    3. Time Goes by So Slow – Distractions
    4. Talk About the Past – The Wake
    5. Party Line – The Stockholm Monsters
    6. Kuff Dam – Happy Mondays
    7. Age of Consent – New Order
    8. Brighter – Railway Children
    9. Otis – The Durutti Column
    10. When It All Comes Down – Miaow
    11. Seven Reasons – Revenge
    12. Hymn from a Village – James

    Disc: 4
    1. True Faith – New Order
    2. Think About the Future – Happy Mondays,
    3. Together Mix – The Durutti Column
    4. Shall We Take a Trip – Northside
    5. World in Motion – New Order
    6. World Is in Heaven [Classical Version] – Steve Martland
    7. Getting Away With It – Electronic
    8. Pulling My Fingers Off – Wendys
    9. Moves Like You – Cath Carroll
    10. My Rising Star – Northside
    11. Step on Remix ’91 – Happy Mondays
    12. Atmosphere – Joy Division

    There was a lot of crap on Factory.

  • hndinglove

    also, only one Stockholm Monsters track? travesty.

    i already own New Order/Joy Division’s discography like, three times over, so this set is pretty meh.

  • CloudCarrier

    I’d click yes if only for a good remastering job, as even the post-Palatine discs I never stopped spinning (Too Young To Know, To Wild To Care & Different Colours, Different Shades on London in the mid-90′s) sourced their material from vinyl, specifically for that tasty Crawling Chaos track, and even the Quando Quango if I’m not mistaken. I should just be thankful that a legit version of Marcel King’s “Reach Out For Love” will be available again for all my nieces and nephews to buy for a few bucks, eventually, right? Shaun probably owns the rights to it by now, anyway.

    Actually, if this includes one photo of Mark Robinson’s bedroom ca. 1989, I will buy it immediately.

  • Anonymous

    Only ONE song from the Mondays’ “Yes, Please”?!?!?. This is insufficient tribute to Shaun Ryder’s legendary Barbadian crack jag, the binge that killed the great label.

  • westartedthis

    you obviously can’t make a factory records comp without joy division. but doesn’t everyone who would want to buy this already own JD’s complete discography, including rarities, possibly several times over? i balk at re-buying a bunch of joy division songs.

  • Anonymous

    Beyond no Thick Pigeon (‘Subway’ would be a perfect disc closer), where the hell is Antena? What Swamp Children track can top ‘Achilles’? I mean, sure, it’s on Crépuscule, but doesn’t Factory Benelux count for something? No respect for the Belgians…

  • BenRad

    Hopefully Rhino will fuck this up as badly as they fucked up the New Order reissues and I won’t have to buy this either. BAH!