Letterman Takes A Booking Cue From An Idolator Post

Nov 14th, 2008 // 10 Comments

If I knew I had this kind of power, I would have exercised it in a different manner, but undoubtedly inspired by my post last month on Purple Reign, Las Vegas’ premier Prince tribute act has been booked to appear on Monday’s Late Night With David Letterman. While there’s no immediate word on whether the faux Morris Day and Jerome will be around for the taping, there will be other tribute acts filling out the week’s musical guest spot: Tuesday, Johnny Cash tribute act Cold Hard Cash takes the stage; Guns N’ Roses tribute act Mr. Brownstone will be on hand Wednesday; the Neil Diamond-honoring Super Diamond plays Thursday; and James Brown tribute The Allstarz closes out the week. You can thank me later, America. [Pop Candy]


  1. Anonymous

    I will only thank you if Mini-KISS is booked.

  2. Dan Gibson

    @owenmeany: You’ll eat your words Monday night, sir.

  3. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Any chance you can get AC/DShe on the air?

  4. spankyjoe

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air:

    Or Lez Zeppelin?

    I am definitely setting my DVR to record the Mr. Brownstone appearance. That was one of the best shows I’ve been to in years, no joke.

  5. Mick Kraut


    The Van Halen tribute featuring Scott Travis from RACER X and JUDAS PRIEST fame?

  6. Dan Gibson

    I was a little surprised that the Atomic Punks didn’t make the list, to be honest, but seriously people, PURPLE REIGN.

  7. Mick Kraut

    I saw PURPLE REIGN in Vegas at some dumpy casino on the strip 4 years ago or so…modeled after a river boat, cant remember the name but it was near the FLAMINGO…

    Small room with a 2 drink minimum…they RAWKED…

    Mrs. Kraut hails from Minnesota, so her critical ears were set to “Minnesota Nice” but ultimately, she liked them quite a bit…once they started taking requests things really got moving…I only remember SEXY MOTHERF**KER…I was beyond the drink minimum at that point…

  8. Dan Gibson

    @Mick Kraut: That dumpy casino was likely the Boardwalk, featuring a fake rollercoaster on its facade. Purple Reign pretty much kept that place open until someone decided to turn it into a mall with some condos attached.

  9. the rich girls are weeping

    I don’t have time to dig around and look right now, but PLEASE tell me that Purple Reign plan to play a gig somewhere in town while they’re here. They can’t POSSIBLY just be coming to do Letterman, right?

  10. Dan Gibson

    @the rich girls are weeping: If you email them, the faux Prince writes back, I’ve found.

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