From The Money Desk: An Idolator News Break

Nov 14th, 2008 // 4 Comments

• Universal Music would like you to know that it’s doing just fine, and it’s actually brought in revenue during the first five months of 2008 than it did over that period last year (although once you adjust those earnings for inflation, there’s a bit of a dip). CD sales are down, while digital sales and license revenue are up. [Reuters]
• Shares in Live Nation slumped after two ratings services lowered their assessments of the company. Not surprisingly, the change in outlook is based on a projected drop in people buying tickets for concerts next year. [Forbes]
• British music site We7 (you know, the Peter Gabriel one) moved out of beta, shifting the site’s focus from paid downloads to sponsored streaming. Meanwhile, the company’s CEO is skeptical of MySpace Music’s long-term prospects. Perhaps he should get his own business model in order first? [Music Ally]
• As the dollar gains against foreign currencies, bands who travel outside the U.S. have to be wary of how they’re being paid due to exchange issues. My suggestion: Blocks of gold. [Billboard]

  1. LiquidHeaven

    We7? I thought Peter Gabriel was doing TheFilter.

  2. LiquidHeaven

    Well Mr Gabriel is a busy man: []

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