Nov 14th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Twenty-four hours after it was originally supposed to hit the Internet, Lil Wayne and DJ Drama’s Dedication 3 is now streaming from DJ Drama’s site. There’s also a download link hidden in the comments, although you’ll a) need to wade through a bunch of “DA FUCK IS DA DOWNLOAD LINK!!!”-type remarks from other readers to find it and b) have to wait for Sendspace to get unclogged in order to get it. [GANGSTA GRILLZ via Where You Go To Die]

  1. AquaLung

    YEAH, BUT DA FUCK IS DA…oh, I see.

    Thanks Maura.

  2. Anonymous

    Love your last tag. That’s the story of my life.

  3. walkmasterflex

    this is kind of unfortunately bad.

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