Bruce Springsteen To Use NFL As Gathering Place For The People

Nov 17th, 2008 // Comment

Sure, Jay-Z, Eminem, and (hee hee) 50 Cent might have albums coming out in the first quarter of ’09, but I doubt none of their splashes will match that made by Bruce Springsteen’s album push. His Presidential candidate of choice will be inaugurated Jan. 20; he’ll be entertaining the cheese-dip-eating masses when he’s the halftime performer at Super Bowl XLII on Feb. 1; and now Working On A Dream will drop right in between those two dates, on Jan. 27. A snippet of the studio version of the title track–which The Boss premiered at a pre-Election Day for President-Elect Barack Obama–aired during the halftime of last night’s Cowboys-Redskins game. Wouldn’t it have been better for New Jersey if that premiere had happened last week? See, this is why I should be in charge of scheduling everything. [YouTube]


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