Nov 17th, 2008 // 8 Comments

KCRW has named longtime DJ Jason Bentley as the station’s new music director and host of its flagship show Morning Becomes Eclectic; he’ll succeed outgoing MD Nic Harcourt, who’s keeping his hands busy with scoring the new 90210 and taking care of his family. Bentley worked at KCRW in high school and returned to it 16 years ago as a DJ, and he’s also worked as a major-label A & R guy and as a music supervisor (on the Matrix soundtracks). His official KCRW bio claims that he has a “commitment to changing how the music industry embraces electronica,” so expect a lot of “tasteful” Postal Service ripoffs to be raring to go in time for him to take the reins come December. [FMQB]


  1. mackro

    It’s difficult to say that having Jason Bentley in any position would improve things — having lived through the vintage KCRW malaise — but yeah, Bentley would be a major improvement in this case.

  2. relaxing

    Re: “tasteful” Postal Service ripoffs

    Her Space Holiday ahoy!

  3. baconfat

    @relaxing: I’m pretty sure HSH was around before Postal Service.

  4. loudersoft

    as long as I get to hear a lot more West Indian Girl, the world will be okay. Bentley’s “All My Friends” remix of said WIG is on my best of 2008 for sure.

  5. Michaelangelo Matos

    @baconfat: not only that, the new one sounds a lot more like Modest Mouse.

  6. T'Challa

    …although I won’t be surprised if Bentley morphs into “Tasteful Old Guy” a la Harcourt with a quickness….

  7. Anonymous

    @T’Challa: Heh…”Tasteful Old Guy” would look wicked on his business card. He’s got good ears, but I’m not sure if I can handle Bentley’s over-annunciating every morning.

  8. Wicked Zoot

    I for one am gonna miss Harcourt. Managed to carve a niche between corporate radio and college amateur-hour.

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