Ad-Mashup Video Brings “Max Headroom” Vision Of The Future Ever Closer

Nov 17th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Call it more evidence of The End Of Ideas or just another sign that the global economy needs to widen its manufacturing base, but an Australian YouTube user has put together a song in which every piece of music is nicked from some ad or another, like Cadbury’s Phil Collins homage and an ad for Australian tampons that pays tribute to Guitar Hero. There are also commercials for one of those “we make chicks horny” body sprays and a car rental company within. But the products, for the most part, aren’t identified, which makes me wonder: When is one of the included agencies going to slap a cease-and-desist on the project unless it ponies up with some brand identification? I’d say “tomorrow,” but I think it’s already the 18th Down Under… [YouTube via Songs For Soap]


  1. Reidicus

    It was great until the end, when I spontaneously combusted in front of my computer.

  2. Nutzrpoppin

    Can’t wait to dance to it in Ibiza.

  3. Anonymous

    Fairly unrelated, but the following is by far my favorite commercial this year. It’s from a Dutch beer brand and it refers to the Austrian band Opus and their 1985 worldwide hit single.

  4. Wicked Zoot

    Reminded me of Colourbox. Then went all wonky and blew it. Still, it might be fun to watch one with adds that amerkins would rekinize.

  5. Anonymous

    @T’Challa: No. That’s actually the only sign that it is still alive and relevant.

  6. the rich girls are weeping

    @T’Challa: Woah Johnny Rotten = Mr. Toad?!?!

  7. T'Challa

    @Job: since we’re talking commercials, is Johnny Rotten hawking butter the sign that punk rock is officially dead?


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